What was in the egg carton, or, gifts galore

'Remember that amazing vintage egg carton Suzanne gifted to all of the gals at Summer Song?
I promised you I'd show you what was inside of it:
First, more pretty wrapping!
Then, goodies galore in every little compartment!
Two words: swoon worthy!
She included these little bird salt and pepper shakers, velvet ribbon, a larger paper egg to decorate, and a pretty tag!
Suzanne is so generous, and she has exquisite taste!
This pretty book on tea gardens came in a wonderful, tagged  gift bag (above) that same day, from Lisa.
My friends are so thoughtful!
All comments for the next month are entries in my 800 posts/4 year anniversary of my Etsy shop giveaway.


HI! I'm Tabitha said…
suzanne is such a sweet heart...you got some lovely things laurie...lucky lady...
Claudia said…
What neat friends you have! I bet your mind is already churning with creative ideas.
What a beautiful way to present these little treasures. I love the sweet egg carton and the simple and elegant wrapping. Lucky you:-)
Kathy said…
What a delightful way to present all the little treasures. I have never seen an egg carton that shape before, either. Thank you for sharing!
What fun gifts, and I love the presentation. Your box from Tami was amazing, too!
Gill said…
Wow! what fun!
Unknown said…
Suzanne can certainly wrap a gift wonderfully...LOVE that bird/nest gift wrap too!

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