Last weekend

Here it is, Sunday evening, and I'm reminiscing about spending last weekend with my friend Tami.  Here's a rundown of all the fun:
First, I picked her up at the airport and we had a picnic lunch on the fine arts plaza.  It was a gorgeous day!
We went into the Denver Art Museum and, because we had a little time before our ticketed time to see the Yves St. Laurent Retrospective, we went into their interactive room that goes along with the exhibit.
It was all about fashion, with hands-on info on what goes into creating clothing designs.  We had a chance to work on our own designs...
including an inspiration board.
I think we had more fun than anyone else there!
Then, it was time to go into the exhibit.
Oh my goodness: it was amazing.  Inspiring.  Beautiful.  Incredibly interesting.  I loved every second of it and saw some of the most wonderful pieces of vintage clothing!  I had a very hard time not touching all the lovely fabrics before me.  We both very much enjoyed it!
After leaving the fine arts center, we drove to a part of Denver known as Cherry Creek where there was an Art Festival going on; it had begun to rain, but it was still a lovely night for a stroll.
And we saw some really fun booths full of great art!
When we were all tuckered out, we stayed overnight at a hotel so we could go bright and early to A Paris Street Market.
I've blogged about A Paris Street Market before; it takes place in Littleton, Colorado once a month during the summer market season.  This is the first time this summer I got to go, and I was so pleased to get to go with Tami!
There was not a bit or a bob that was safe from the likes of Tami and I at the market!
Another beautiful day, with so much to see!  Here is some of what I saw and wanted, but didn't bring home with me:
a really cute little painted metal footstool
a freshly painted robins egg blue chest
fun big letters
very beautiful French antique tirm
Tami found some goodies, too!
proof we're in the wild, wild west!
pretty in mid-century pink

It was way too much fun to shop the market with someone who loves everything I do!
Then we headed to Main Street in Littleton for a great lunch at Ja-Ja's...
a country French sandwich and salad.
After lunch: more antique shopping!

We ended the day by heading back to my house where Ben was waiting; he's been working as a camp counselor this month and gets to come home on Saturday nights to clean up/rest.
Tami got to meet my family and we had Ben's favorite meal: lasagna.  It was a lovely day!
Guess what we were up to the next day?  That's right: more shopping -- this time with our buddy Rebecca!  First we went to the Colorado Springs Flea Market and found some great stuff!  Then lunch downtown, and finally we went to one of my favorite antique stores!

Tami wanted this adorable petticoat!
...and I thought this hat stand topped with hardware was cute!
We ended up back home with Rebecca and some of Dennis' margaritas!
Then: the first of many crafting sessions!
We worked on a fabric book this time.  One thing I learned about Tami during her visit is that her stamina leaves mine in the dust!  But I did get better as the week went on!


Kathy said…
Oh my goodness, what a great adventure, you lucky duck!!
Dee in N.H. said…
Now, you girls know how to have fun! Great photos!
HI! I'm Tabitha said…
now thats one fabulous street market looks amazing...hugs
Pallas said…
Would have been so much fun to be with you two for this outing. Looks like such a great time.
Pallas said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said…
Looks like you had a great time...nothing better than antiquing and creating with someone who really GETS you!
I'm so pleased to know that such a good friendship started at Birdsong!
Unknown said…
Love that mini Eiffel Tower!

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