Birds of a feather

You may remember when I made this red train case for Angela, and told you she would be sending me a purse in return?
Feast your eyes!
I sent her the fabric, which was vintage, and she did this AMAZING job lining up the bird pattern perfectly among the three seams of the purse!
She lined the purse with soft, pretty fabric.
Even the bottom panel is completely gorgeous!
She also included a pair cute socks that she knitted just for me!  Sometimes you can find purses like this -- along with quilts, pillows, and other great hand made stuff, in Angela's Etsy shop.

All comments for the next month are entries in my 800 posts/4 year anniversary of my Etsy shop giveaway!


Angela said…
I'm so glad you like your purse! It was such a joy to get to trade with you! My train case is waiting to get put in a special spot in my sewing room at the new house, I think I will use it to hold my laces and trims... Seems fitting, don't you think?! Love and hugs to you! :o)
Unknown said…
Beautiful purse! I'd love to have something like that made from some of my collection of fabrics! Great Friend indeed ;)
autena said…
Gorgeous! What fun it will be to carry.
Gill said…
Wow! I love this! the fabric is fabulous and didn't Angela do a great job!
great exchange, I love to exchange items with gals or guys
that is how I met Birgit in Germany I ask her to do a cookbook exchange with me
I put her blog post about being in a magazine in Italy on my blog this week
Claudia said…
I love your purse and the fabric it's made of. Those socks are so colorful and will be so fun to wear. You have neat friends!
Wendy said…
this is just beautiful! I love the fabric and it made up just wonderful for a purse.
Kathy said…
Oh so beautiful!!

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