In which I am not at the beach

I'm not at the beach.
I wish I was at the beach, but I'm not.
This is the last beach I was at: Rehobeth, in Delaware, in 2010.
Do you remember the wonderful plant name tags I found at Old Glory a few weeks ago?
And I said I wanted to make them into necklaces?
Well, one of them was actually stamped "Rehobeth" -- like the beach!
So I ran with it, adding beachy blues and glass and pearls -- and even a tiny seashell button!
Then I sent it off to my buddy Karen, who lives in VA.
She loved it!
I'm so glad.
But...I'm still not at the beach...


Unknown said…
SOOO...Now you have to find a way to get to VA! I have many beachy secret spots.Hehehehe...Maybe next Spring or summer ;) the whole retreat will fall into place! I'm right there with you though, we have been to the beaches on our River and a few hours to VA beach ..but are sadly going to miss out on our yearly trip to our beloved Outer banks ;(
Gill said…
I'm not at the beach either but I love the necklace you made for Karen!
Kathy said…
You might not be at the beach but the beach is in YOU!
Me neither but I can pretend! Great necklace, no wonder Karen loved it.
HI! I'm Tabitha said…
im wishing i was at the beach right now...ur necklace is fabulous
Anonymous said…
What a beautiful necklace and such a neat surprise for your friend Karen.
Wendy said…
Pretty beach scenes! And I love the tag that you made! A wonderful gift!
Linda said…
oh she will love the necklace. nice

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