Needlebook love

For several weeks now, one of my friends has been bugging me (poke, poke) about...needlebooks.  She has a hankering to make some, and wants me to have a swap.
I've been more of a pincushion person myself...but I'm willing to change.  The pretty pincushion above is special because it is how I met my wonderful blog buddy, Angela.  She and I were in an international pincushion swap, and she was partnered with me!
You know I'm a sucker for any kind of vintage sewing notion, like the pretty little flat (above) into which you stash pins, and the little bejeweled walnut...
that opens up to hold a thimble and some pins on velvet.
I love this little holder for safety pins...I guess it could be used for needles, too, though.
It's seen a lot of use, which makes it that much more fun.
Speaking of safety pins, this little ring of pins is a treasure, to me.

This tattered needle book is from 1914...
and looks it!
When all is said and done, I discovered that I only really own one needlebook myself!
It's one I received last year on Valentine's Day, as part of a swap; my initials are sweetly sewn into the front of it!

I made a board on Pinterest about needlebooks (feel free to follow it if you have a Pinterest account.)  So many fun and pretty ones -- tons of inspiration!  And, my friend wore me down: I'll be announcing a Needlebook Swap on the Button Floozies blog next week.  You heard it here first!


Lisa said…
Oh! Don't forget about me for the swap! You know I love this stuff. :)
Anonymous said…
What an annoying friend!!!!
Beth Leintz said…
I love vintage sewing notions too- but I'm a pin cushion, girl, too. I LOVE that walnut thimble holder- what a treasure.
Kathy said…
Loved looking at all the variety and that little walnut is amazing!
Aren't those cute! I'm going to check out your pinterest board.
Wendy said…
The pin cushion is just lovely! The walnut keep is fabulous! I also have a thing for pin cushions. I will be keeping a lookout for the swap announcement.
LuLu Kellogg said…
I need to make a little Halloween one!

I am sipping sugar free hot chocolate out of my little mug you sent me and I have my hand warmers on too!!

Tammy said…
That would be a fun swap!! Love the vintage notions, especially the little gold walnut!

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