Friday, March 16, 2012

It's button week!

Tabitha had a blog giveaway the other day: we had to guess the name of her newborn daughter, given the first letter "G".  I guessed right -- Gillian!  So I got my own bundle of joy in the mail!
And by "bundle of joy" I mean vintage loveliness: ephemera, millinery, lace, and BUTTONS!
Speaking of buttons -- go visit Button Floozies for a National Button Week contest hosted by Nina Edwards; you could win one of three copies she's giving away of her new book On the Button!


khess136 said...

Good for you, Laurie! What yummy goodies to win and how smart you are to have guessed the new babe's name! Enjoy it all!

andrea creates said...

how fun~congrats :)

andrea creates said...

how fun~congrats :)

Betsy said...

Lucky you! So many fun things to get creative with. Thanks so much for stopping by to enter my giveaway:-)

Kathy said...

Neat pile of treasures, you lucky girl! BTW... every week is button week in MY world 8+)

Creative Wings Boutique said...

I knew i had to send miss button herself some vintage buttons....hugs

Suz said...

Dear Laurie,
I am just rereading the comments on my last two blog entries and thank you so much for your huge support during the year. You have always been right there with each new hitch in the journey and I am so grateful. I am so missing Jud but the last month was so full of suffering and I am glad that it over. I am going ok...some crying spells, some times of laughter and remembrance, and feeling sure that I will see him again some day.
Thanks ever so much!
Big hugs,

Linda Sue said...

cool stuff- and yes, button week is every week!

Melinda Cornish said...

I never would have guessed...Good for you...Love the package and of course the buttons!