Ah, Weddings!

21 years ago today-ish, my husband proposed.  Three months later, we were married.

Oh, to be able to go back and do the whole wedding thing all over again!
I'm thinking about it all over again after receiving the most beautiful marriage certificate in the mail!
This gorgeous piece of ephemera was a blog giveaway in celebration of Liz Mathew's 6 year blogaversary!
Liz has a gorgeous blog -- go visit, you will enjoy it so much!
This was such a generous giveaway; I would have had such a hard time parting with such a gorgeous document!
It's French, and written in hand, and has this wonderful embossing, too.  So beautiful.
She sent along a beautiful card, too!  Thank you so much, Liz -- it is a joy to own this!


Oh, that IS nice! The fact that it's French makes it all the better. *sigh* I love just weddings...there are so many resources and ideas available now that weren't when we got married (23 years ago). Thanks for the post. ; )
Cheryl said…
You could always renew your vows and "redo" your entire wedding! lol.... I've been married going on 30 years-- that right there blows my mind.... I keep telling him, "I made that mistake once, I'm certainly not going to do it twice" lol
Linda said…
beautiful prize-enjoy!
Wendy said…
Happy Anniversary!
Liz said…
So glad your enjoying it :) I was so happy to find it going to such a good home!

Happy proposal anniversary! How exciting!

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