Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Little Red Hen vs. Henny Penny

Well, imagine my surprise in finding that the story that I remembered so fondly from my preschool days was not Henny Penny but The Little Red Hen, instead!  Luckily, I found it on Project Gutenberg so I may read it online, and you can, too!  Along with amazing original sketches, to boot!

Even better, you can download it to your Kindle!  I had a birthday this past weekend, and my wonderful husband and son surprised me with my current heart's desire: an Ipod Touch!  Of course, the first thing I downloaded wasn't music, but this Jane Austen application, instead -- all of her books!  Now I'm going to download The Little Red Hen, as it's free from Project Gutenberg!   I also took some time to burn 80 or so songs from my CDs to listen to on it.  I love my new little toy!

Every year on my birthday weekend we have a local festival at Rock Ledge Ranch Historic Site; this year, as always, I attended with my friend Cathy.  We had such fun!  There were more antiques there than ever, and I bought:

a little grab bag of some fun old trim, including all this tatted lace!  Wow!

This sweet little globe pin cushion!  Look at that green jadeite colored spindle holding it to its base!  Also, it had this cute little medal pinned to it:

There were so many crafts and lots of good food, there, too.  I bought this delicious candle, which seemed to combine the two:

I also bought those wonderful "writer" cards at the end of my previous post.  And drooled over the antique button jewelry and bracelets made from typewriter keys.  We stayed about 4 hours, just enjoying the day!

The local quilting guild held a silent auction, so we admired all their handiwork on the way out.

The next day, we went swimming and also watched the Sooners vs. Air Force Academy game on TV.  I think our Air Force guys put up a really good fight!  Then we went out to dinner at our favorite little Italian restaurant with some pals, who are like family.  I know Ben would love to be a part of their family!  Here he is mugging it up with the kids.

Then, Dennis surprised me by telling me he had taken my birthday, Sunday, off of work!  He never does that!  He made me breakfast that morning, which, if you knew how much he HATES to cook, you would know is very special indeed!

His pancakes turned out so fluffy, and we had a chance to try out the special Oklahoma syrup (sugar free) that Jenni brought us this summer (warmed up in the little pitcher.)

Later that day, I had a Button Club meeting.  This time we discussed colored and clear glass, and I learned so much, as usual!  I also got to show off my completed button cards, though I did learn that I shouldn't have put my china buttons on there -- they have their own, separate category.  Oops!  I also had a chance to meet another Colorado gal (one of only four of us) who is going to Silver Bella -- she'd never even heard of a button club and wanted to come; now she's hooked!

It was a lovely weekend.  I hope yours was, too!


Jingle said...

That pin cushion is SO FREAKING COOL! I absolutely love that! And it looks like you found some wonderful trims and things, as well.

Angela said...

Sounds like you had a great birthday! I'm glad! :o)
I love, love, love that globe pincushion! That is amazing!

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday! That pincushion globe is pretty swell. Looks like you had a grand time. xox Corrine

Christine said...

What a wonderful birthday! Love all your finds. You are so good at finding the goodies!!!

Micki said...

Happy Birthday and I adore that globe is so cute!

Lydia said...

HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY!!!!! Lucky gal, breakfast and all:)

Lydia said...

Love the globe pin-keep!