Sunday, September 12, 2010

My Silver Bella portfolio

While reading the blog of a fellow swapper in one of my Silver Bella swaps, Lynn, I saw that she had put together the most gorgeous portfolio to hold her Silver Bella stuff!  I was so very inspired -- I knew I had to do one just like it for myself!

The base of the portfolio is manila file folders -- I used three, then sewed them together at their spines.  I used some beautiful barkcloth fabric for the front of the portfolio, and decorated it with some of the last of my antique french tassles (at the bottom), and one of my sewing pattern flowers.  I used a piece of pretty green seam binding to tie it closed.

Here's the first two-page spread.

I glued on some lacy fabric (that used to be on an antique lampshade) to make a pocket; right now it's holding part of the the Silver Bella "welcome" packet.

The next page holds the little "rule book" that was also a welcome packet item, and has blank ephemera pages for me to take notes on...

Here's the second two page spread.  On the left, I made a Marie Antoinette collage, and glued in the list of supplies we're to bring with us to the weekend.

On the right, a doily folded makes a sturdy pocket for holding notes and instructions.  The background is some of my favorite antique wallpaper.

The next two page spread.

I slipped in some blank antique spelling words sheets, and plan to use them to write up a list for each of the five classes I'm taking at Silver Bella.

The next page is a slip in pocket for more paperwork...

How much do you love this little bird tag?  I bought it some time ago from Sunshine and Ravioli.

Another spread: this one has a slip in pocket from an old apron on the left...

it holds a notebook that I just covered with an illustration from a Jane Austen novel.

On the next page, more Austen...a page from Pride and Prejudice, and an Edwardian image.  I don't know if you can see it in the photo, but I took one of those plastic page protectors and mounted it over this page to create another slip-in pocket to hold stuff.

The last spread: more pockets!  The page on the left has antique wallpaper as a base, and then sheet music, vintage shelf liner, placecard, and a greeting card to create pockets.

Inside, I've slipped in class descriptions from each of my classes and a list of "reminders" for myself.

Pretty details...

A place for the class schedule...

...and beautiful inspiration!

Here's the back cover...crochet lace, and seam binding, put together with some pretty hand stitches.  And, it makes a pocket, too.  One can never have too many pockets on a weekend of this sort!  I hope to come back from Silver Bella with all the pockets stuffed with business cards and notes and lists!

Most of all, though, it was an exercise in spoiling myself a little -- creating something beautiful that will inspire me all the way up to and, I hope, throughout the weekend away!  Countdown to Silver Bella: 2 months!

Thank you so much, Lynn, for your inspiration to make this!


Bunty said...

Oh my goodness - this is so lovely Laurie! Such a beautiful portfolio to take with you - it must be hard to stop looking at it!! Enjoy the event - you lucky girl!!

Barbara :)

Linda Sue said...

whatever inspired this piece of wonder??? BEAUTIFUL!!! you certainly have an eye for putting it all together in a most pleasing way. Delightful, my dearest Laurie!

Sherri @ Design2Shine said...

Wow! Luuurve all the DETAILS in this. So dainty and beautiful!

Spotted Sparrow said...

LOVE this!

Christine said...

Wow, this is so perfect for your weekend at Silver Bella and it's beautiful to boot!!! It's already full of inspiration and will be filled with even more inspiration. I hope you have a fun trip!!!

Maybe one of these days I'll go to Silver Bella. I know of a few bloggers that are going. It would be fun to meet all of you!

Lydia said...

OMG! So beautiful! ...and I am so jealous of you going to Silver Bella.


sylviesgarden said...

My goodness, that is stunning! It must have taken you ages.
I love the page where you have used something from Pilkington's Tiles. The factory is not far from here and many of my relatives worked there years ago. I think that it has now closed down.
Thanks for sharing.

miss lynn said...

laurie -
i loved getting
to meet you, and
am totally looking
forward to swaps
and chats as we
look forward to
silver bella 2011!
you are a dear
girl, and i feel
so happy to have
met you.

love your journal,