Monday, September 6, 2010

How about some thrifty finds?

I'm trying to get back into the rhythm of things since summer's coming to an end and fall is on it's way.  I'm going to experiment with joining some of the linky parties out there in blogland.  What better one to begin with than one that I regularly blog about anyway: thrifty finds!  Not the ones I've bought to resell -- just the ones I'm keeping for myself!  So, here I am,  linking up to Southern Hospitality's linky party called Thrifty Treasures:

I have had my eye on this mid-century coffee pot for weeks now, waiting for the tag color at Goodwill to go to half price!

When it finally did, I had to snatch up the pot, plus a plate and a cup and saucer, too!

I am just in love with the colors, and with the whimsical feathery motif!

I picked up this old printing press motif at one of my favorite antique stores.  I'm planning to tie a ribbon around the edges and use it as a little Christmas decoration!

This little box was so unique; I found it at a thrift store, and as you can see it's five sided, with inset glass on each side, plus all that cool metalwork.  The glass lid lifts up so you can put in something really cool to display!

A friend spotted it in my pile of treasures and asked if I was planning to sell it.  Long story short, since I didn't have an idea in mind for how to use it myself and she had the perfect spot for it, I let her reimburse me for it.  At least I get to visit it whenever I go to her house!

Since visiting Oklahoma a few times now that my pal Jenni lives there, I've had a thing for Frankoma.  I bought this leaf shaped dish (about 8 inches long) in perfect shape at the thrift store for pennies.  I am going to enjoy it as fall decor.

How much do you love this little bird?  This piece is a combination of many of my favorite things: silver, clear glass, birds, and divided dishes!

Speaking of birds...

When I see a piece like this I just can't pass it up!

I hope the bluebird of happiness visited you today, too!

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Christine said...

So many great thrifty finds! I absolutely love the coffee pot. It would look so beautiful in my 50s kitchen!!!

I've got to get myself out there.

barb cabot said...

You find the neatest treasures Laurie! I love the 5 sided glass container that your friend bought from you. Lucky her! It reminds me of something in a princess story Hope you're having a good weekend.

Barbara said...

Laurie, I honestly don't know which thing I like the best. The leaf is to die for. I have a teapot collection, but I think I'd have to add a coffeepot if I ran across that one!

Hugs XX
Moore Whimsies

Angela said...

The little birdie dish is so you! I wish we had better thrift stores here locally! You find such amazing stuff!

Pretty Things said...

Awesome finds!

Micki said...

You find the best things! Great finds!

Sherri @ Design2Shine said...

Great finds. Love the pot and the birdie dish!