Thrifty finds

I have been finding stuff that I love in thrift shops lately.  I don't go very often at all anymore -- but when I do, I always seem to find something that has made the trip worthwhile!  I guess when that stops happening, I'll stop going.
This came from an estate sale: a very kitschy music box topped with glitter and a plastic nativity!
This huge bag of someone's de-stashed fancy yarn/ribbon stuff was so much fun to go through.
I found this needle-pointed panel irresistible!
What a sweet kitty!
Another estate sale had some hand-crocheted doilies -- and the pink was perfect for a page in the Jane Austen fabric book I am making.
And this silk handkerchief, found at a thrift store, had such interesting fabric I had to bring it home!
I thought this tiny framed picture was such a treasure!  When I showed it to my husband, he said it had probably been in a bomber over Europe during WWII.  It's made of glass, reverse painted, and then edged in chrome.
 I hit the jackpot on vintage Vera scarves -- some I'd never seen before!
 Hankies too sweet to pass up!
I fell in love with these two "essay" medals that I found at another estate sale!  I jut adore the quill and pen motif!
Have you ever gone thrift shopping and ended up with a few items that all seem to match the same color scheme?  This happens to me often, and it did at a Denver thrift store where I found this greet Berggren tile, and three more Vera scarves!
Including this one that was "new" with tags!
 And these two lovelies:
this one is a Vera Sheer; it reminds me of looking through a grated, stained glass window.
These are the simple, very inexpensive things that give me such hunting/gathering pleasure; thrift shopping really relaxes me.  And boy, do I need to relax these days!


Sami said…
What great finds from the thrift shop!
The scarves are lovely and that bag of yarn and ribbons looks fabulous too!
Kelli Davidson said…
I just love those sweet little nativity scenes!
Beth Leintz said…
Wow what a great score with those Vera scarves. I love the patriotic reverse painted frame. I used to collect "home front" items from WWII and had one a lot like it. I put a picture of my Dad in his Army uniform in it.

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