Friday, May 26, 2017

Then and Now

Last night Rebecca and I went with our families to see our local minor league baseball team, the Sky Sox, play at Security Service Field in Colorado Springs.
Before they scatter to the winds this summer, we wanted to get our kids together to recreate this favorite photo, taken in 2004:
Here's how the same kids looked last night:
I love them all so much!  What a fun night!

I wish you a memorable Memorial Day weekend.  Take pictures!


Linda said...

Great pic recreating the 2004 pic...the only thing missing in the 2017 version is Ben holding a box of Cracker Jacks ~ lol. Wishing y'all a happy holiday.
Cheers, Linda.

Sami said...

Lovely picture recreation. It's great to get together with friends for a fun day out.

Kelli Davidson said...

What a great photo opportunity! They've grown up - as they all do. Hope you and your family is having a great weekend -- I'm feeling so much better, attending cardiac rehab 3 days per week and doing well!