Happy Mother's Day

I hope you've been enjoying your Mother's Day weekend...whether you're a mom or not, and whether your mom is still walking the earth, or not.  I'm a mom without a mom myself.  I've had a lovely weekend and day.  My son's home from college for a few weeks, which makes it extra wonderful for me!
Recently I was going through my embroidery bag and I found this small snippet roll that I remember piecing together long ago -- probably more than a year back.  I had gotten as far as designing it and pinning on the elements and then got busy elsewhere and never finished it.
It was really delightful to pick up where I'd left off -- with most of the project planned.  I sat down and sewed it one evening.
I love this netted and silk ribbon embroidered embellishment; it was a gift from a blog friend overseas.  I had three pieces, and this is the last one.  Isn't it funny how sometimes you can tell stories about bits of ribbon or lace -- or buttons?

This adorable spun cotton gift decoration is very vintage and I'd saved it for a special project.  The painted cotton head has an old pipe cleaner "body" to twist around. I love the embroidered ribbon on the very bottom.
Do you notice how the colors of this snippet roll are "baby" shades?  That's why I thought it would be fun to show you on Mother's Day. I hope you enjoy it -- and I wish you a great start to your week!


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