Losing Maggie

We have been sad this week, missing our best friend.
Maggie was 13 and has been in failing health for a few years.  She had congestive heart failure and on our last visit with her lifelong vet, he told us what to look out for so we would know when it was time.
We spent a couple of  days, tears flowing freely, remembering her entire life.  And what a life she had!  We brought her home for Ben's 5th birthday...
 she came from field champion hunting stock and the outdoors was in her blood.  She loved the water and the forest.  I'm so happy that we took her on camping trips with us, and have wonderful memories of her running through the woods and sleeping under the stars.
We once rented a cabin because it was right next to a flowing stream so she could play in the water, which was a big hit.  Maggie enjoyed walking, hiking and, most of all, swimming.
She was an only dog for a few years but bonded instantly with Snoopy when he joined the family, and they were best buddies until the end.
What is there to say about the love of a dog?  If you've experienced it, then you know.
These last few days I have been so struck by how much love she brought into our home.
Maggie loved us with a big, open heart that gave and gave and gave, day in and day out.  We were so lucky to have her in our lives.
And we will miss her forever.
If you have a beloved pet, hug and hold him/her close.  They are not with us long enough.


Tammy said…
Laurie, so sorry about Molly. Our dog is 13 too, and we know each day with him is an extra gift as he begins to slow down. The camping trips were fun to hear about. Sending hugs!
Linda said…
Laurie my sympathies are with you and your family. I know only too well the sadness that comes like it did for us a couple of years ago when our furbaby crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. If you don't mourn and cry at a time like this, then that would mean that her life wasn't important and her death didn't have an impact on you....so go ahead and mourn, cry and eventually smile about her.
Lorraine said…
Oh Laurie. So sorry to hear your sad news. My heart goes out to you and your family.
Beth Leintz said…
Laurie, So sorry about losing Maggie. Our furry friends really are part of the family. Thanks for sharing your stories about taking her camping and how she loved to swim, that made me smile.
Janet Ghio said…
I'm so sorry about Maggie. We lost our Sparky when he was 14. It is such a sad time. for the longest time everywhere i looked i saw him and we cried many tears. That was three years ago. Today we are able to remember him without crying (most of the time) and we remember all the funny and cute things he did. Your Maggie will always be with you and one day she will meet you at the Rainbow Bridge. I bet she is up there getting acquainted with Sparky right now.
It's never easy saying good-bye and I believe folks who give their dogs human names feel it more deeply than those who say Spot or Rover. Dave and I would talk about this...all of our dogs, most of the cats and a great many of the horses and sheep have human names. Yes, they are all *that* special.
Sami said…
So sorry to hear about the loss of your beloved Maggie.
It's so sad to lose one of our wonderful furry friends. I lost two of my cats recently, so I know how hard and sad it is.
Your post made me sad but at the same time brought a smile because of your camping trips and swims with your dog, she must have had a great life with you!
Kathy said…
Laurie, I am so sorry to hear about your lose. YES, they are part of the family and leave an empty spot when they go. {{hugs}}
Linda Sue said…
Awww Darling, I am right there with you.
Lululiz said…
I am so sorry you lost her, I know it hurts so much. Dogs give us so much love and are so much part of our family and our lives, they leave such a big hole when they aren't with us any longer. I am snuggling with my two right now and burying my face in their fur and sending you cuddles and licks from them to make you feel a tiny bit better. xx
Pallas said…
I am so sorry about you losing your Maggie. I'm shedding a few tears for your family because I know how sad it is to say goodbye to our beloved pets.
Oh, Laurie, sending you love, hugs, and prayers. Maggie was as lucky to be part of your family as your were to have her. XO
It looks like you gave her a great life! What a lucky dog. I'm sorry for your loss.
Linda said…
So sorry for your loss, I know pets are just like a family member. I'm sure there's void now....maybe another pet is in the future?
These are such hard and sad times for a family I know and so does anyone else who has had a precious pet die.
I still cry some days over my pets who have died
I feel your pain Laurie

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