Saturday, July 25, 2015

Summer busy-ness

I'll bet things are in full summer busy-ness at your house.  They are here!
We are counting down to less than a month until Ben goes away to college.  The other day his dorm room linens arrived and he must have been excited because he pulled it all out of the big box to check out.  It's still strewn all over my living room.
I feel like I've settled into a routine at my new job -- six weeks into it now -- and I know what I'm doing, so the days are flying by.  Busy.  I like the peaceful surroundings of the resort; summer looks beautiful here.
I don't have much time for junking and am concentrating on de-stashing right now, so there's not a lot of creative fun going on in my life.  But...last weekend when a storm blew in, I couldn't resist grabbing a bag of vintage red fabrics and starting a fabric book.
Still in its beginning phases -- the front cover is a patchwork star layered with some other reds.  The fabric on the right, above, isn't vintage.
 But these quilted pieces are...
 This coordinated cotton fabric is also new, but has a vintage look.
I wrapped a doily around the front and back covers and I really love the way it turned out.
Now I have a little stitching project to work on.  I think when it's done I'll add some Christmas-y elements so it becomes a holiday fabric book.
Also on my mind: reading this as soon as possible.  I haven't been this excited over a novel in ages.  The story of Harper Lee's quiet talent is intriguing to me.  Anyone else?


Kathy said...

Glad you are getting in the groove with the new job and happy you are finding some time for creating!

The Junque Seeker said...

Your work environment is lovely, as is the book you're creating.
I'm planning to read Harper Lee's book soon. I'm very curious. Have you read The Mockingbird Next Door?

Marrianna said...

So happy to see another photo of your workplace. It is lovely. Getting ready for Ben to leave for college must be great for him and a tad sad for you. So glad to see your little fabric book. I've got 4 fabric books completed. I may have shown them on my blog but I'd have to look to check. The newest one isn't on the blog because I haven't taken any photos yet. You inspire me to get the iPhone out (and when isn't it out?) and take photos of the newest fabric journal and do a blog post.

Take care,

Kelli Davidson said...

I would say this is the summer of BIG change at your house - when he comes home at Christmas you can think back and see how everyone grew!

Karen Hess said...

What an exciting time for Ben and the family ~ I remember that summer before Mandy left for college...bittersweet and so exciting! So glad you're enjoying your new career path. How fortunate that you're surrounded by such beauty. I love your fabric book and think it will make a perfect holiday addition. I look forward to seeing the finished treasure. Thank you for sharing all this, sweet Laurie ❤️

Linda said...

This week was sad at our house. Our beautiful cat Maddie a very old, sweet lady of 16 years and let us know that her time with us was up. Painful as it was, I reluctantly let her go. Haven't felt like browsing my old haunts, so like you, I have been destashing. Whew....many projects to keep me happy throughout the colder winter months. Love your fabric books. Each one a gem, and so creative. What a marvelous, peaceful view you can enjoy at work. Lovely.

Curtains in My Tree said...

That will be a big step for You seeing Ben off to college

I have not been anywhere all summer to pick up any vintage finds
I have gone down in my storage room and dug out a few finds LOL

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

Good to hear you're settling in with your new job. Sounds like Ben is so excited and ready for his new college life. Love your sweet new creation!!

Amber at Sequin Stitches said...

Gorgeous patchwork! X