Happy mail and surprises at The Bins

I think I  have mentioned that we have a new thrift store in town -- one of those weigh and buy stores, a Goodwill Outlet, aka The Bins. They are fun to shop at since everything is sold by weight; therefore it's a challenge finding things you'd like to buy that are also lightweight so you get the best deal.
You know how much I love buttons, as well as bargains, so you can imagine how thrilled I was to come across these at the bottom of a bin!  More photos of those are on my other blog, Button Floozies.
I bought the prettiest card/tag book from my friend Terri's shop.  It's going to be the perfect graduation card for my friend's daughter!
I'm planning to put photos, quotes and maybe some gift cards in each of the little pockets or on the tags.  She will love it -- who wouldn't?
Is there anything more fun than ordering from your friends?  I think not -- and I call it happy mail!  The box above and the pretty little linen next to it were "extras" Linda Sue sent when I ordered from her Etsy shop!
I ordered these flower frogs for my collection...
 and they came in that tin with this fabulous hand made card and note from Linda, plus:
 all this!
I am completely in love with these silk flower pins -- all different, and some made with those fabulous soldered centers -- the nun and the man and his son!
 And these Marie-like tally cards -- look at the inserted lace!
I think this religious hanging is remarkable -- so creative!  It is a picture of Mary stitched onto a pile of book pages; the top ones have been gilded/painted gold and then fringed.  Then it is glittered, and accented with...
a shell set in metal button!  My friends are so generous -- and they love me as much as I love them!


Lucky you! Just look at all these sweet treasures. I'm a flower frog junkie myself, I especially love the tiny ones. Love your pretty buttons that were waiting for you to find them.
Kathy said…
Wonderful treasures! I am heading right over to read about your button find at The Bins. I find a few now and then but noto blog-worthy. Looks like you found some fun ones.
Those are awesome buttons - really pretty! And what wonderful gifts from Linda Sue! Those tally cards are the sweetest I've seen.
It's all those little extras that make it so special. Lovely purchases and gifts. Best wishes, Tammy

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