Thank you for all the lovely comments on my post about being inspired!  Here are some of the things that have been inspiring me lately:
Have you seen this lovely paper tableware that looks like burlap covered with lace?  It's in the wedding section at Hobby Lobby and I was drooling over it the other day.  I would almost have a party just to use this tableware!
 I was at Ikea the other day and they had this line of ephemera style wrapping paper, notes, and tags.
How much fun are they?  I had to buy one of each!
Many moons ago I admired this exact cross stitched sampler framed on a friend's wall.  I wanted to copy it and make my own but I have NEVER seen one in an antique or junk shop.  Then Terri posted one on her blog and when I gushed, she sent it to me!  How lucky am I?  I love it like crazy and can't decide if it's going to be a pillow or be framed.
Terri also sent these great kitschy Christmas tags and decorations.  I am so lucky to know someone who loves the same stuff I do and who likes to share!
I've been to a few estate sales lately and even managed to meet friends at various ones, which is an extra added treat.  Jeanelle found and purchased the Old Glory (our favorite local antiques market) bag for me at one sale last week!
All I found at that sale was this Moda fabric from way back when -- yards and yards of it in a nice neutral shade.  I am trying out cross stitching on one of the sampler panels, just for fun.
I couldn't resist this silk scarf with a map of France at another sale...
And at yet another sale, Rebecca found the Sears catalogue in a great small proportion -- perfect for tags.  I also got half a box of vintage parchment paper.  They sure don't make it like that anymore. I will be using it for journal signatures.
Speaking of tags...I found all these for 75 cents and didn't even mind the bright colors because I tend to cover them up completely anyway.
This button bag was a dud but did contain some interesting needles...
and I loved the happy colors of this grab bag of seam binding!
Because it was half price day I grabbed these Walker transfers for the graphics...
and this HUGE pile of cards; because most of the cards are written on I won't mind cutting them up!
My favorite find was this silver toned napkin ring with engraved bird motif.  I just thought it was so charming and I think I have picked up another somewhere; now I will just have to find it.
Then just today I stopped at one small sale on my way home and was rewarded with these goodies -- an unopened box of paint brushes for just $2, and this plastic tablecloth with a fabric lining in the SWEETEST pink print!  It will be the star of my next craft day!
I had to go to the dentist this morning (never pleasant and it usually gives me a headache), so I treated myself to a pedicure and some frozen yogurt afterwards. inspired me to RELAX!
I hope you, too, are finding inspiration on this first day of Spring!


This post inspires me! Lots of fun things to get us ready to create and have fun! Thanks for sharing!
YOU always inspire me! You're one of my favorite "treasures" from Silver Bella. Love all your finds, but especially the scarf, the tablecloth, and the Ikea goodies. I dream of the day when Ikea isn't 4 hours away (a little rhyme!)
Kathy said…
What wonderful treasures and I can so understand why they inspire you! Kudos to you for treating yourself.
Beth Leintz said…
Oh that pink tablecloth is so sweet- wouldn't it make cute book covers?

I love the stationary section at Ikea- and I bought the same stickers.

I've been staying away from Hobby Lobby, but I might just have to check them out for those cute plates.
Linda said…
Love that sampler with the robin, and the printed sampler material you picked up is the date on the bottom really 1923? How cool is that? Our garage sales are just starting, so looking forward to my "happy time" also. TFS.
Marrianna said…
Hi Laurie,,

I have been so out of blogland for a few weeks and am starting to catch up this morning. I love the wrapping paper from IKEA. The only IDEA in Arizona is way in the South Valley and takes a ton of time to get there. Now that I don't have reasons to visit Scottsdale and Phoenix, I have no idea when I'll be willing to venture over there to look for goodies. In the meantime, I'll enjoy what you find and post on your blog. thank you so much.
Pallas said…
Cute finds. I love the scarf with the Paris map and I can see where we stayed and visited.

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