Happy sunny Saturday

Hello there friends!  I can't stay long as the sun is out for the first time in a few days and I can't wait to get outside and watch the snow melt!  But I had to say Hello and Happy Saturday, and I have some fun to show you:
One day soon it will be warm enough to wear these Mondo Crocs I just bought online.  Project Runway fans will remember that Mondo was a designer on Season 8 and later an All Stars winner -- and I just adored his style.  He did a limited edition of colorful Crocs and they have just now gone down in price to become affordable.  (At one point they were selling for hundreds on eBay.)  They make me very happy!
 Then again, it doesn't take much to make me happy.  Like playing with my flower frogs -- I think you can say I have a collection now!
 The square and green one are new to me -- I bought them at a vintage market last weekend, along with...
this really fun ephemera -- little oil change reminder tags!
At an estate sale I found I this decorated Christmas box...
 and a trio of little Santas.
Inside the box: someone's supply of Christmas crafts including hand made patterns, half-finished projects (I don't know what they are -- do you?), and really cool little tubes of sequins, beads and glitter -- way too much fun!
 After a very quick stop at a thrift store I came away with this unopened (until I did) package of Hallmark foil doilies...
and these heart shaped stencils that reminded me of Spirographs -- they will make a really cute display for Valentine's Day.
I've been stitching hearts to decorate...
like these, which started out as a fabulous Pendleton wool blanket that my husband inadvertently felted for me a couple of years ago.  I finally recovered enough to begin cutting it up.
I love the texture of them and I just keep stitching them -- even though I'm not sure what they will become!
I currently have Valentine's Day crafting on the brain.
I have assembled Valentines day supplies on the dining room table and can't wait to get to them!
After some sun and some exercise...priorities, people!
I hope you have a lovely weekend and a creative week ahead!


Lorraine said…
Oh, you find the coolest things. Those spirograph hearts are really something and I can't wait to see how you decorate your felted ones. Enjoy the day!
Beth Leintz said…
I think your mystery Christmas craft felt pieces are meant to have the middle cut out and hung on doorknobs.

Those Crocs are way cool!
Linda said…
Hi, just wondering if those circles of half finished crafting could be for a penny rug. Love, love, love those Hallmark paper doilies. Wonderful "stuff" you find.
I love your little hearts, even an accident can eventually have a good outcome. The Spirography hearts are adorable along with all your vintage finds. Darling shoes!!
Unknown said…
Lovely idea of that felted hearts, it turned soo cute! That croc shoes is super cool, I wonder if I can send it here.
Marrianna said…
Everything looks so wonderful. I can see a Valentine garland in the future - for one of us. Great use of a felted Pendleton blanket. All the hearts look great. Lovely thrift finds that I'm thinking will keep you entertained from now to Valentine's Day. I have actually started to make some Valentine cards to send/give to friends who have helped me during this confinement. You inspire me to do more arts and crafts AND to post photos on my blog.
Love those shoes!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger
Kathy said…
I am looking forward to seeing the finished hearts. I know you will do magic!!
Cheryl said…
Sun.... I miss the sun... sniffle.
What great treasures you've found! I love the plastic hearts, I've never seen those before. Good score!!!

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