Happy new year!

Happy new year!  How are you feeling about 2015?

For the first time in a few years -- I am really excited and enthused about the new year and ready to make plans. 
In days gone by...
It's going to be a big year for our little family -- my son is graduating from high school  in May and will go off into the world on his own in the Fall.  Exact plans/details to come -- and I am eager to know what that will look like myself!
One of the things I liked about 2014 was that I really tried to make time for creative pursuits.
 And made an effort to try new things...
 and share creative time with different people.
Which resulted in some fun collaborations!
As well as oh so many beautiful gifts!
Pink was kind of a theme for me in 2014.
As was really being myself.
Not to dwell on the negative -- but it was wonderful to finally have the opportunity to leave my unhappy last job in September!
Just in time for another celebration, in fact!
50 years ago this happened!
Also in the Fall I learned about a chronic condition that has been robbing me of so much energy.  Not the greatest news -- but I am taking better care of myself with new knowledge and I feel so much better.
Now I have a new job where I work an alternate schedule and I think that has been another plus -- especially for my health.
So 2015 will bring with it yet more change.
It's exciting, mysterious, and welcome.
Are you ready?
Happy new year!


Marrianna said…
I love all the photos of your 2014 projects and you! I'm glad you now have a job that fulfills your needs without draining you of the energy you need to heal from the chronic condition you mention in this post. I look forward to many more fun and informative posts from you in 2015. Way to go, girl!
Best wishes for 2015 - have fun!
Kathy said…
Oh my goodness, YES, I am ready for 2015. 2014 was a rough one, especially the landing at the end so I am looking forward to the "fresh start" of a new year. So sorry to hear you have been having health issue but glad you have found the reason and are feeling better!
Lorraine said…
Happy 2015! I hope you have a wonderful year and I am looking forward to seeing all about it.
Sounds like you made lots of wonderful changes. I absolutely hate my job; it is torture and joy zapping to go there so after 7 years, I am quitting. Just gotta get to June and then I plan to make lots of creative and purposeful connections. I will be 49 the end of February 00 -- when I was 39, I totally changed my eating habits and lost 30 lbs. Seems like with every decade, I make big changes. Wishing you all the best for 2015. Tammy
Pallas said…
Happy New Year Laurie. I also have a good feeling about 2015.

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