Completion, and new beginnings

Nine days into the new year and I am thinking about completing.  As in...finish putting away the holiday decor (number one priority for today)'s hard to say goodbye!
 A frosty cold day is perfect for getting things done.
Or, napping.
These two have me in constant danger of being sidetracked by leisure!
Here are a couple of things I have just this year been finishing:
I purchased this sampler from Pam Garrison last year, and began working on it last summer...
and finished it this week!  It's a great project to keep with you for those idle moments, like waiting for appointments, and makes for a fabulous feeling of "completion"!
Also last year (or maybe EVEN the year before...) I began working on one of those "cage doll" decorations.  Mine is a metal cage, topped with a vintage china cup...
and then with a china "half doll"; I found one that was just the right size in Kansas City last month.
  On new year's day I got it out, glued it on and began embellishing.  It's hard to see the actual china cup, as it is almost completely covered in different laces and trims.
I still have more frothy lace and ribbon to tie to the "cage" and then will add some crystals, beads and other tiny embellishments.  When finished, it will be along the lines of this creation by Robin Sanchez -- only she used a frozen Charlotte style head:
Don't you love the feeling of completing an Un Finished Object (UFO)?
Another item on my long, long list of creative "to dos" has been to begin making Zentangles.  I was first inspired to do this by Lorraine, literally years ago, when she began blogging about her Zentangle  adventures on her blog, Paper Vernissage.
So, right after the new year I purchased an e-book, Beginners Guide to Zentangle from Tanglepatterns,com.
I followed instructions to cut 3-1/2" square "tiles" from watercolor paper, gathered fine tipped pen and soft pencil, and began experimenting with several "beginner tangles" -- above is my VERY FIRST attempt!
I kind of fell in love with this pattern -- it is mesmerizing to draw.  Which is the point of Zentangle -- it is like doodling, only with the idea of repetitive strokes in satisfying designs that, when you are doing it, literally relaxes you.
I have to say -- it totally works for me.
The next new beginning for me is a free online class I have just signed up to take from Kathy Shaw who blogs at Shawkl.
photo by Kathy Shaw,
It's called BCQC, for Basic Crazy Quilt Class!
Won't you join me?  She is taking sign ups/registrations through January 13, and you can read all about it here.  As part of the class, you will be invited to post your projects/progress on a blog that is exclusive to participants.  How much fun is that?  I have done plenty of crazy quilting and stitching, but never taken a class so it's time to learn something new!
Well, can't procrastinate any longer -- it's time for lunch and then a marathon packing-away-the-vintage-glass Christmas ornaments!
Please tell me I'm not the only one still working on getting Christmas down!


primrosesattic said…
I have taken decs down but not put away yet. Love your wire doll very pretty.
They are put away but it took me three solid days. Next Christmas I won't put out so much stuff (Yeah, right. Like THAT'S going to happen!)
Lorraine said…
I spent the morning taking down and packing up ornaments off the tree, just got back from a dr. appt. and decided to check my blog roll. Thanks for the shout-out! You're tangles are great and there is something peaceful in the repetitiveness of it isn't there? I love the caged doll. Can't wait to see the finished projects. You always have such fun ideas.
You sure got the new year off to a good start with so many projects in the works already. Your cage doll is absolutely adorable and such a fun idea. I was able to get all my Christmas decorations put away last week, but I really didn't put that much out this year. Happy New Year to you.
Love your cage doll ,now I'm confused which one is ours are they both? your creations, going back and read your post again.

The tea cup is so cute. I like your embroidered piece also, reminds me I started a crazy quilt square 4 years ago LOL
Happy new Year Laurie
Kathy said…
Love love the cage doll project. Did you make the wire cage, too??
All mine is finally down except the tree. I'm just so slow this year but oh well, it's still pretty!

Anonymous said…
Well, I'm still putting away Christmas. I'm leaving snowmen out through January. I love all your creative projects. I just signed up for the Kathy Shaw crazy quilt workshop. I'm looking forward to it. Happy New Year!
Lisa said…
I love that sampler! So pretty!

My Christmas stuff is down and in boxes - now I just have to bring the boxes up to the attic and get them put away. Ugh...

I have lots of UFO's to finish. Your cage doll is just precious!
Marrianna said…
I haven't put all my Christmas decorations because I didn't put any up. I have lots of them but I have them in my photo room/studio so I can take pictures of Christmas vignettes during the year and be ready for holiday shopping in my Etsy shop in the Fall. It's a goal and I hope to finally make it. I'm going to start with digital downloads and then also create some handmade card.

Everything looks great and I look forward to more photos of your crazy quilt artwork.

Happy New Year,
JoAnne said…
Your sampler and doll are wonderful Laurie! Thanks for the link to Kathy's class. I just signed up. Happy New Year!
Pallas said…
I love the china doll with the teacup and little treasures hanging from her cage skirt.

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