A Valentine banner, and other hearts

 I've been free form hand stitching little hearts.
 These are the wool ones I showed you last time; thank you for all the encouragement, by the way!
I covered them in stitches with bright perle cotton
 I edged these hearts in black thread; their shapes are very "loose"
 I couldn't resist doing a white on white heart with vintage laces over it
 I might add three perfect little pearl buttons to the front -- I bet you can guess just where!
 More free stitching, on tiny hearts
The red one looks a little too Christmas-y, no?
I think I like this one best.
I told you I was going to take some time out for paper art last Saturday, and so I did.  I made a Valentine banner.
 I bought the chipboard pennants very inexpensively at Tuesday Morning a while back...
 and covered them front and back with a selection of papers.
 I wanted it to have a vintage feel, so most of the elements are antique.
 I really enjoyed the process of choosing some good stuff to use, like very old doilies...
 and this antique crepe paper Valentine.
 I mixed old and new and I really had a ball!
 I strung them together with red tulle and decorated each of the holes with tiny silver toned brads.
I wanted to put something, like coffee filter roses, on the back of each pennant -- maybe I will in the future.
Are you festooning your home with pink and hearts and flowers for February?


Your puffy hearts are absolutely adorable and the Valentine's Day banner is so creative. You always do such a good job with all the little bits and pieces.
Kathy said…
The hearts in the first picture are my favorites. I love the feather-y looking green around the edges. Love your banner!!
Linda said…
I love the black and white toile, with the white rose. Just beautiful. I think those brads are unique also. Thanks for sharing your creativeness.
Lorraine said…
I'd have a hard time choosing a favorite of those hearts. Love your banner too!
The hearts are so pretty. I'm torn between the the ones with black stitching and the cream and aqua one. The red one doesn't look Christmasy - it's perfect for Valentines!
Lisa said…
I love all your hearts! I need to take some time to sit down and craft - it's been too long.
Marrianna said…
I love all your hearts anI sure would love to see coffee filter roses. I've not made any of those. I'm thinking I can go to YouTube to see how it's done but I'm also thinking that yours would be more beautiful.

And maybe I'll go to the sewing room, find some felt, and create a few years and maybe create a banner. Stranger things have happened.

Take care, Marrianna
Patty Antle said…
Very pretty! I like the idea of stringing them on tulle.
How nice! I love the "Cherish" panel.
Unknown said…
I love, love the little wool hearts.
Thanks for sharing.
Abby / Linda said…
Love your little hearts!!! Also love to see old/vintage valentines. They are so beautiful and unique!

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