Something "old" and something new

"Old" project: finished!
 I know I've already shown you this many times...
 so please don't feel you need to comment on it again!
 It just feels great to be "finally finished"!
 Many buttons were added.
The night I finished I started on something new, too:
 Some fabric book pages; Beth will recognize her pinnie, above

 I made this page to be transparent over the page under it:
a heart with dotted swiss fabric that reminded me of a childhood dress, and then beneath it...
 a small photo transfer on fabric of a photo of me, in that dress.
This is not me, but one of my favorite this-reminds-me-of-Jane-Austen pictures.
The pages are just in the beginning stages but they make me very happy.


That really is a lovely wall hanging Laurie and what a wonderful sense of achievement you must be feeling now!

It makes creating new work so much easier when you have finished projects behind you.
You new pages look so sweet!

Have a lovely Easter.
Are you sure it's finished? Really, really sure? :) Love your new project. Have a wonderful weekend. Tammy
Wendy said…
I could never tire of seeing your lovely has turned out really well, you should be very proud...I so enjoy reading what you are creating...those book pages look like they will be awesome when finished.
Such beautiful work. I love it. xx
Kelli Davidson said…
Your beautiful work continues to amaze me!
Abby / Linda said…
Truly creative and beautiful! Love the finished product! Especially the picture of you!

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