Happy Easter!

Do you pin?  If so, you are always welcome to follow any of my boards.
You'll find some cheerful Easter fun on my board Easter Inspiration!


I signed up for Pinterest on my iPhone but have never had the time to play with it. Wishing you and yours a blessed and beautiful day. Tammy
Kathy said…
I hope you and your guys had a lovely Easter, Laurie!
Kelli Davidson said…
Happy Easter to you! I don't know if we follow each other on Pinterest yet - but I will find out in just a moment and make it happen!
Pallas said…
I am so hooked on Pinterest. The iPhone makes it easy to add pins quickly, and then I can look at the larger images on my computer later. I am following your great Pinterest account Laurie.
Marrianna said…
Love, love, love the prints and the vintage laces. You are so fortunate. I followed your link to Birdsong and signed up to follow the Birdsong blog so I can be aware when new Birdsong retreats are available for registration. The June 2014 retreat is already full so I send Karla an email asking about being a sponsor and what that involves. Maybe I'll get to one of the beautiful Birdsong retreats in the future.

Thanks for the wonderful post.

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