Indulging my love of textiles

What's not to love?  The other day I stopped at a thrift store and all I brought home was a little bag of linens.
There was an 8 foot long strip of quilted pieces that someone put together, long ago...
by hand.  I don't know what it is but I find these works so endearing.
I wonder what the person had in mind for the final product; I wonder about their fabric choices...
and I get a kick out of their little stitches.  This probably would have made a lovely quilt; the person who made it was doing it the old-fashioned way, by sewing each piece onto a plain backing.
I do love the flowers on this fabric, and the green/green and pink/pink succession.
My friend Kathy gave me a few feet of this pink poodle vintage fabric.
It is so 1960s kitsch!  I think it's so much fun!
Then, back at that same thrift shop, I also found a  vertical Vera place mat...
and this soft, frothy Vera scarf that makes me dream about Spring some more.
Finally, there was this irresistible clock-themed silk scarf, The Happy Hours.
I'm planning to spend some happy hours in my junk room office/craft space today, digging out.
I'll leave you with some blurry images -- and wisdom -- from work:
When life hands you a rolling cart of dummies...
make a friend!
(these are all for sale here and here.)


Abby / Linda said…
Love that picture of you, it's so fun! Also, I couldn't get the links to work--maybe just my hubby's computer settings :(
Kathy said…
HaHaHa!!!! Great words of wisdom and I thank you for the big grin it gave me!
I know just what you mean about wondering about the person who pieced together those fabrics. Long ago my mother made me a tied "quilt" with scraps from all the maternity clothes she made for me. It is too old and worn to use any longer but sure brings back memories.
Love everything, especially that little green floral and the clock scarf! Cute pic, too!
You make friends wherever you go!
Linda Sue said…
love the lady head, but not enough to buy it from Goodwill. For some weird reason your blog was removed from my blog roll, I had a hell of a time trying to get it back. My computer is on it's last I am afraid, it is getting cranky. So, OK, you are back now, whew!

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