Saturday shopping

It was sunny and beautiful yesterday -- my first day out in flip flops this year!
I went shopping for a bit...
and was dreaming about summer!
Look at this cool locker at a local antique store!
Another vendor had these interesting pieces of metal hanging on the wall of her booth...
I think they might have been leftovers from some sort of metal punching.
I bought a few craft supplies, like these lamp shade frames, and this TALL bottle.
And this $1 bag of metal buttons that I will probably enjoy sorting through later today.
Because although it's been in the 70's the last few days -- it is sleeting this morning
And we are expecting 4-6 inches of snow by tomorrow!
Last but not least, here's a recent really cool purchase in the vintage vein:
They are Mardi Gras metals from Karneval in Cologne, Germany that someone collected and framed!
If you've been reading my blog for a long time then you know I spent a great year there in the '80s
and scored one that is very similar at my one and only Karneval in Cologne.
They are special -- at least, they used to be.  When I lived there you needed to attend and receive one from a sponsor, or the court.
Mine was a gift; I tried to find it to show you but it's not where I thought it would be.
Which never happens to me.  Not.
These smaller ones are from the 1950s.
It's fun to see the difference in their style from the newer ones!
Sorry the photos are a bit "fuzzy" -- it was hard to get a good close up of the medals because they're framed under glass.
Even my husband loves them, which is really saying something --
he's not normally the biggest fan of my vintage purchases!


Love the medals! Glad you got a nice day to shop.

I know what you mean about the weather. It was in the 80s here today. We had hail and there was a tornado in SW Oklahoma. It's supposed to freeze tomorrow night. Crazy!
Kathy said…
Oh my gosh, thank you for sharing the medals. I have never seen or heard of them and they are wonderful. Love those old windows, too. What a fun way to spend your Saturday!
Abby / Linda said…
The metals are really a different item. Hope you find yours soon!
Unknown said…
Hi Laurie,
Happy Easter! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment:) Google has been playing games again it it disappeared so I wanted let you know I recieved it even though it was lost in the abyss.
It came up with the message rejected so I wNtedto let ypu know it wasn't me, lol
Hugs and stop by again! Marilou xoxo
Unknown said…
Ha......sorry for the typos, I guess IPad has a mind of its own! Marilou

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