Friends among the pages

A few days ago I finally got to Barnes & Noble where I picked up two magazines that featured some friends this month.  My artistic buddies often make it into these pages, but these two were pretty special examples, I thought:
the most recent issues of Sew Somerset and Where Women Create.
Where Women Create has a several-pages spread of Karla Nathan's beautiful home -- the place I visit each year for her Birdsong event (and will again this June, whee!)  Between Carol Spinski's photography and Karla's inspired surroundings, it is a feast for the eyes!
And Sew Somerset had many of Beth Leintz's beautiful stitched creations. 
In the photo above, the one on the right is a beautiful "pinnie" I just received from Beth, and I've laid it against the page of the magazine showing some of her others.  It's always a thrill for me to admire friends' work among the pages of these beautiful publications!


Beth Leintz said…
Hey Laurie- Thanks for the shout out!
Anonymous said…
These ladies are so gifted, as are you, sweet Laurie. I love Karla's home as well. Simply beautiful. Warmest hugs sweetie. Mina
Createology said…
Excellent publications and how special it always is to find those creative souls we know and/or follow. Creative Bliss...
It's always fun to browse through the Somerset magazines. Love these gorgeous creations!
Marrianna said…
I think I need to check the magazines at B&N again. I thought I had purchased the SEW SOMERSET but maybe I didn't. But I can relax and at least look up the article by your friend. Also, love the new header on your blog. Excellent!!!
Thanks for featuring us, Laurie!

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