Bling Up a Yogurt Cup Challenge reveals! Starting with mine...

It's time to show you what the three of us made!
We started with the intriguingly-shaped Greek yogurt container:
When I considered the cup, I always imagined it as a tiny cottage.
Like, forest tiny -- something you would find under a gnarled tree root.
In your imagination.
A Hobbit-like house.
I went with the heart theme for our upcoming hearts-and-flowers day, and imagined a romantic cottage.
As you can see, I glued the little cup upside down on top of the larger cup (also upside down.)
First I painted the plastic cup all over with acrylic craft paint, which made everything "stick" to it better, I think.  Then I glued old paper pieces to it.  For the chimney, I used braille paper.  It created a bumpy finish that I thought was very stone-like. I rubbed pink ink all over it to bring out the nubby bits.
You can see that better here, from the rear.  I added a tiny back door.
The "grass" on top is to evoke a thatched roof.
I used several different papers, including a textured wallpaper, for the cottage itself.
I had fun finding just the right piece for the door I envisioned.  This one was brass and I had to paint and otherwise color over it to get it to look like a weathered wooden door.
The windows are cut from vintage wallpaper and I added a mother-of-pearl bead below each one.
Then I glitter-glued here and there because it's been so frosty and cold here lately and I wanted my cottage to sparkle.
And of course, any day you can get your fingers covered with glitter is a GOOD DAY!
I hope you enjoyed the transformation as much as I did!
Two other blogging friends are playing along and I will do a separate post on each with the link to their blog, coming up, so be sure to come back and see!


Unknown said…
I love yours! I just finished my post - and mine's not nearly as cool as yours - but it functions well. Send you the link and a picture!
Kathy said…
I have been curious to see what you would come up with and didn't see a little house there until you showed us. Well done!
Tammy said…
That was super cute! You definitely thought outside the container on how to use it!
Lorraine said…
Your "remodel" looks like it would make a perfect fairy castle.

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