Thanks alot, Phil

Six more weeks of winter.  Big surprise.
It has been looking like THIS around here ALL WEEK:
But today it looks like this:
And I can totally deal with the snow when it's sunny, too!  I'm actually looking forward to a bit of snow shoveling later!
I'm also looking forward to the Superbowl food party game!
Look what came in the mail for me yesterday -- a gift from Kelli!  It's a tote bag with a sweet bird theme! It made my day!
All my creating in the last couple of weeks has been hearts -- these are the "first drafts" as I was brainstorming squares for Valentine's Day.
Sweet, no?
Still -- I ended up going in an entirely different (read: PINK) direction with my project.
Yesterday as it was snowing and blowing all day, I sat down and crafted some hearts from vintage fabrics.
This one is my favorite, with a red toile maiden holding a big bouquet.  I think I'm going to stitch around her with white thread.  And maybe cover the heart's curves with mother-of-pearl buttons.  I could do this all day.
Also on the agenda: finishing my yogurt cup creation!  Stay tuned for the reveal in six days!


JoAnne said…
I'm mad at Phil too! I'm so ready for spring! Love all your little hearts Laurie. I've been busy with valentines myself....
Kelli Davidson said…
I'm so glad you liked the tote bag for your shopping trips! Your valentine hearts are adorable too!!
Hi Laurie, thanks for your visit. I have not been keeping up with my blogging as I should. I always love your work, but must admit I don't envy your snowy days one bit. Have a great winter. always Michele
Pallas said…
I love the hearts you are making.

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