Fabric heart themed swap

A bunch of us got together to do a fabric heart swap just in time for Valentine's Day; I enjoyed boxes arriving with beautiful art for several wonderful days!
I gathered them together and boxed them up and got them out as quickly as I could -- and that part was joyful, too!  We had two groups with 7 stitchers in each group.
When one had to drop out, I picked up her spot so I ended up being in both swaps!  Here's the 3-inch fabric square I made for one of them.
Its base was muslin, with a layer of white burlap, vintage heart crochet "lace", and a piece of beautiful French ribbon I've been hoarding for years; over all of it was a layer of pink tulle.  And of course a button and some crinkled seam binding.
 This beautiful silk fabric/ribbon weave with a felt puffy heart is by Kristi.
It is so tactile -- I love it like crazy!
French themed, velvet, silk and more...texture galore by Mercedes
These lovely embroidered layers are by Barb...
 who told me she had spent some snowy days relaxing with these hearts and happy memories of stitching with her mother.
Beth's beautiful hearts each had a different phrase sewn on.
 I love her detail and the mixture of pinks and reds.
Suzanne's came pinned to a crocheted doily.
 How adorable is that bouquet in the corner?

Terri made this beautiful creation; each of hers had a different vintage embellishment,
and beautiful gold detail!
It's always such a joy to see how different artists will interpret the same theme!
I received some lovely, lovely gifts from the swappers, too:
 this woven purse from Kristi blew me away with its rosette and rows of fabric...
 ...and look at the quilted piece inside!
This hand made vintage goodness came from Beth:
 ...and of course you already saw Terri's gift in the last post.
There are more scrumptious heart creations to come: 2nd swap group in the next post!


Love, love, love mine from this group, and so looking forward to seeing the others soon! That ribbon you used on your pieces is so special. Just beautiful!
What treasures! I seriously need to work my way toward fabric in the future so I can create beautiful goodies such as these.

Until then, back to crocheting, papercrafting and soldering!


Kathy said…
Each one is just scrumptious!!!
Tammy said…
These are gorgeous! I don't know how you let them go!
Marrianna said…
These are absolutely scrumptious. You had a great swap for sure.

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