Your mission, should you choose to accept it

I'm back at work full time as you all know (seven months now -- can you believe it?) That means trying to eat healthy away from home, which, as much as I dislike using them, can sometimes mean buying single serving containers.
Like these little yogurt containers.
Have you seen them?  They're divided for yogurt in one side and something to mix in (nuts, berries, granola, etc.) in the other.
So I'm at work, sitting in the break room, thinking, what a waste to toss this nifty little container.
It seems like you ought to be able to do something crafty with it.
But what?
So I thought it would be FUN to get up a little challenge.
Let's all try our hand at creating something pretty from one of these little divided containers.
It doesn't have to be this brand...there are many Greek yogurts that are currently using the same design.
Comment if you want to play along; I'll keep the "sign up" period open for a week or so.
If I have at least 10 participants, I'll have a link-up party on this blog on February 8 and leave it up for a full week!
Here, I even made up a blog button for you to put on your blog if you play along!
You don't have to -- but given the timing it might be fun to make something out of one of these divided yogurt containers that is VALENTINE-themed!
Here's a little bit of inspiration to get you thinking Valentine.
Comment below if you'd like to play along!
You have a bit more than a month to bling up a cup; then we can all blog about it on February 8 and link up!
If you'd like to play and don't have a blog of your own, let me know: you can send me your photo and I'll create a link to it for you.
P.S.  Did you notice I changed up my blog a bit (again?)  It's quick and easy to make a few changes for the new year; for some ideas, check out this timely Blog Guidebook post.


Tammy said…
Me, me, me!! I'll play along! One woman's trash is another crazy, crafty lady's treasure, right? :)
Kelli Davidson said…
I really want to try to play along! I love to repurpose plastic containers (I'm working on 2 projects right now) so I will do my best - very excited!
JoJo said…
I used to buy the cottage cheese with the fruit mix in. I just found out that you are supposed to flip the mix in upside down into the cottage cheese or yogurt. I always just spooned it in.
Kathy said…
I adore the perfectly-Laurie tiffany blue! I will have to pass on the challenge since I don't care for yogurt but I'm looking forward to seeing the creations. You are right that they are too cool to just toss away!
Wow I've never seen these containers but then I really don't buy the commercial yoghurt. I won't be playing along - just too busy at present.
Love the changes you have made here - thanks Laurie I'm going to have a look at the blog Guidebook post.
Happy New Year to you too!
I definitely want to see what you and everyone else can create with these containers. It really does seem like such a waste, but they are convenient. I won't be joining the challenge, but will be cheering you on!!
Oh goodness, I'm so curious about the cup designs. I hate to throw away handy containers, but there is only so much space and so much stuff... good for you!

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