I'm having a lovely Saturday, and I hope you are as well.  Here's how I define "lovely": I slept until I woke up, lounged around with a second cup of coffee, and around noon began creating at my own pace, aka "slowly".  I'll show you what I've been up to soon; it's for a swap so it will all need to stay under wraps for a while.
But feast your eyes on what I won last week on shopgoodwill.com!  A vintage beaded evening bag...
 made in Paris.
 It has the sweetest pleats, and some delicate embroidery on the front and back.
But I could not get over the beading.
Even though it's not perfect/missing some beads -- especially on the clasp -- I just love what remains.

In case you haven't heard, the Grow Your Blog event is happening, beginning today!  I'm not a participant this year but I am an alumni of previous years and I highly recommend you take some time to visit some of the bloggers taking part in the event!  Many of them are having giveaways, too -- which just adds to the fun, right?
Don't forget: some of us are going to bling up a yogurt cup and there's still time to join in that challenge!  Details here.


That bag is definitely swoon worthy! Congratulations on your successful bid.
JoAnne said…
Great find Laurie!
Kathy said…
Your lovely day sounds perfect, especially that sleeping until you are done part!!
The bag is stunning.
autena said…
What a gorgeous bag! Maybe you can put some beads on the little clasp flap.
Kelli Davidson said…
Gorgeous bag!! I haven't mailed my little surprise yet - but on the plus side, I have almost finished my yogurt cup challenge!!

Anonymous said…
Great find! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I've enjoyed seeing the lovely things you create and learning about your finds. Happy blogging!

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