Happy 2014!

Welcome, 2014.  I am happy to see you!
As always, though, a bit sad to be putting Christmas away for another year.
(bye-bye, birdie)

Santa Baby, it was all over too soon, wasn't it?

We awoke to a new year's day dusting this morning.
My Christmas cactus has one tiny bloom today (not pictured), and my paper-whites are going to bloom soon, too -- see?
This week I finally finished one project: the embroidery above, which dates from the 1970s...I decided not to do the sunshine at the top because it's a little too 1970s, even for me.
And then I began another: this one I have decided to do all in red, like a red-work piece.
Last night, I wrote works 3 and 4 toward my goal of 50 writings this year.
 I also whipped up this camera cover for my trusty Sony.
 I was inspired by my latest issue of Somerset Studio, with lots of Bordeaux-colored creations, so I made this with fabrics in those tones, lace, and a little bit of fancy stitching.
 I lined the camera sleeve in wool, and added this lovely vintage monogrammed hankie.  It was a quick, simple project but it made me so happy.
As did having the day off work today.
Hooray for holidays!  What a great way to start off the year!
Happy new year!


Happy New Year! Love that cute camera case, and the review of your holiday decor. I did a little creating today, too - closer to finishing something that I worked on most of last year. Whoopee!
Dee in N.H. said…
Happy New Year Laurie! I love your camera case. It was fun looking at your Christmas stuff! Stay warm!
Wendy said…
Happy New Year Laurie! I hope it is one of the best years yet! Full of love, happiness, peace, family and of course much creativity!
Lorraine said…
Happy New Year! I love the embroidery. That really takes me back to my childhood. I used to love doing it. Your camera case is beautiful. You've been very creatively busy - a good thing! Are you rooting your paperwhites in buttons? I root mine in marbles and I tried something new this year with great results - I used a mixture of rubbing alcohol and water 1:10 to keep them from getting legging and it's really extended the bloom. They started blooming the week before Christmas and only now are the blossoms starting to dry.
Tammy said…
Happy New Year, Laurie! I love how you displayed your Christmas tags on a Birdsong-style wreath--I might have to copy that! ;)
Kathy said…
I am so glad you found time to create. Your Christmas decorations and the camera case are perfect. i agree, the holidays are a perfect way for us to reflect and then launch a fresh new year!
Kelli Davidson said…
Happy New Year and shame on me for being so doggone behind!

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