I promised buttons!

Here you go!  There are lots of photos in this post, so grab a cuppa and enjoy!
 Here (above) is the "show button"; at every show, people who attend the awards breakfast receive a commemorative button.  This one has a wood base and handmade glass beads; the little copper tag says, "CSBS 2011".  I love it!
The carrot is the button on this card; it was a thank you gift for those of us who participated in the judging.
 Here are a few of the vintage buttons I purchased at the Show!
 A green glass rose
 I found myself very attracted to shapes this time around...
I think the one at the far left (metal with a glass insert in the center) looks like a Rolos candy!
The orange one has mother-of-pearl inset, and the transparent ones have interesting stuff inside!  The dark blue one at the far right is made of celluloid and is known as a "tight top".
 I love the perfectly round lavender one with a foliage-like texture design; the one at the far left has patterned fabric under plastic in the middle of a metal base; the one at the far right is a pearl-y coated globe inside black plastic "petals".
 The brown button at the top reminds me of chocolate bon - bon (hmmm...are you sensing a theme here?)  The green one that's cut off in the photo is another example of a celluloid tight top.  The blue one is a glass cabochon, painted with dots!
 Another button with petals wrapped around a pearl-y center -- this time, it's a deep red!  I love this button.
 I can't tell you how much I adore this metal, cold-painted (to look like enamel) antique button.  The blue is a bit brighter than it shows up in the photo.
Glass really is my favorite of all button materials; this one is black glass with a painted flower motif.  (That's not a crack at the bottom, just a piece of white lint...)
 Here are some more!
 I love the one on the far left -- it looks like a fancy Formica, doesn't it?  The colors are awesome.  The metal pierced button is intricate and such a pretty design; the red one is a more modern (but still old) plastic with a bit of paste in the middle.
 Another composition button on the far left, also Formica-y!  The large green one is glass -- such a cool weaved design!  The silver one depicts a lady in regional garb and I think it's one of the "newest" ones I bought.
I cannot get enough of mother-of-pearl -- this one inside a large black horn button.  The little one to the lower right of it has separate, colored beads linked together in the middle.  Look at that tiny rose "realistic" button!  Next to it on the left, a clear glass, art noveau button with silver accents.
 Next set (also the last!)  Check out that tiny wooden clothespin button on the bottom right!
 At the top, left, is a pearl button in a nice shade of reddish brown; beside it, to lovely black glass buttons.  The thing that looks like a peach pit?  It's a button made from a nut!  I needed one of those in my collection.
 I liked the Police button with the crown; it's important to have some of those in your collection as they accrue points for "usage" in judging, since they are specifically uniform buttons.  A pretty, bright blue glass button to the left of it, and a black china pattern button on the right of it.  The little button on the far left of the middle 'row' is fabric with black glass inset in it, in a stylized cross shape.  Love it!
 A roaring lion, and a little red horse -- along with a green glass button with an interesting geometric design.
 Cute little bucket of flowers!  And another view of that fabulous black cross in fabric button!
 Some assorted glass and metal buttons; plus, Mozart!
This button 'tray' was an item I purchased in the auction at the dinner.
 It is full of buttons donated by one of the local clubs, Aspen Leaf, and put together by one of the members who loves her Cricut!  Interestingly -- the gal, whose name is Holly -- and I discovered this weekend we are both from the same town in California.  She moved here to Colorado about five years after I did.
 The auction benefited our Button Society, so I was bidding on this tray for a good cause.  I was pleased to see the very antique buttons included on it!  Bonus!
I also bid on and won a button bracelet made by another Society member.  You might be able to see it there on my wrist as I posed after the auction with my purchases!


Teresa aka Tess said…
Wowee - that's actually a double wow. You look great standing there with you precious winnings. I love how you photographed your buttons.
Gosh, I wish I had of been there...I'm a button floozie too and that's where I found your post. You really made out big time...I love that green glass woven design..I think it's my favorite.

Stephanie ♥
Anonymous said…
Your photos and descriptions have piqued my interest in buttons. :-)
Anonymous said…
What spectacular buttons! Congratulations on your win.
Lydia said…
These are great! Love the way that you displayed them!!!
Dianne said…
These buttons are just so awesome. Love them all and I'm green with envy. Dianne.
Unknown said…
Oh wow, what a lovely lot of eye candy. They are amazing. And I love the little red horse. Is it a button?? I've been collecting horse buttons but have never seen anything like him.. My late Dad called me Horse (affectionately)! thank you for sharing.. awesome colours.
I love all those buttons and wish I had been there.
makes me want to hurry home and play with my old buttons

I recently made buttons flowers out of some of my buttons

And I love button bracelets
If you could see me in person right now you would catch me drooling! What a glorious experience! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart
BeadBag said…
gorgeous collection!

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