Thrift shopping as therapy

Thrift shopping/hunting/picking has always been effective therapy for me -- how about you? The temporary job I'm working at now takes me close by two wonderful thrift stores in town; I try to only succumb to the urge once a week.  Here's what I've been finding:
 Beautiful bunches of paper flowers, tagged made in Japan
 Seasonal Vera scarves...
 Including this one that says, Greetings, which I never even knew existed!

 This crocheted and stitched vintage baby blanket, which melts my heart!
Ball quilted jelly jars from the 1970's!

 For Christmas crafting!

 I'm a sucker for scrappy pink glass!

 Someone hand crafted those feathers -- aren't they fun?
 This tiny guy is going to star in a future Valentine art piece!
I couldn't pass up the ampersands -- and the dollar sign will, I'm sure, come in handy!
 I almost left his flower arrangement behind -- but then decided to bring it home and salvage the beaded flowers.
 Once they were cleaned and sorted, I came away with so many more than I had expected!

And, feast your eyes on my most recent, favorite vintage fabric find!
A great deal of the above is already listed in my Etsy shop!
It's a joy to make these treasures available to the junk-loving public!
And then there was this estate sale I went to on my lunch hour...
 It could really be its own, separate post, but here you go anyway...

 A play from another era...

  I've always wanted to find an old telegram!
  I adore San Francisco ephemera!

 Throw in some bling, and you know you've got my attention!

 Ah...even the re-living is therapeutic!
It's almost time for vintage Christmas!  I can hardly wait!
Who else is getting excited?


Wonderful thrift shop finds. xx
Kelli Davidson said…
There are so many wonderful photos in this post -- I can't tell you which is my favorite!!!

Tell me -- how are things going??
Lovely finds! I'm still amazed at what you come across in thrift stores.
Linda said…
Those feathers and beaded flowers are just devine...drool-drool. And that button bracelet is to die for. Good finds Laurie.
jeanniemc said…
What great treasures! Glad to see you are working & hoping your husband is too— even if it’s temporary! Hugs..
Unknown said…
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