Sunday, November 27, 2016

Let the holidays begin!

I hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving!  We did. Ben came home for a few days and we loved seeing him.  He rested, helped around the house, and bonded with the kittens!

I also spent the holiday weekend happily working on a swap for Christmas. I had to do six White Christmas themed ATCs.  Instead of using a vintage image like I normally do, I went with a tiny Christmas tree that I created from tulle tied to a toothpick.  It sounds a little odd, but I think it looks really sweet.   Here's the prototype, which I made into a tag rather than an ATC:
It's kind of hard to see it in a photo, because the tulle is so light and wispy; when I get the rest of the swap in the mail, I'll try to take better photos for you!
I also treated myself to a trip to the thrift store, since everyone's putting out their Christmas items!  I love this new/unopened box intricate plastic figurines of the Three Wise Men!
I think the camels they are riding are incredibly interesting -- and I also really love the posture of the Kings.
And angels galore!  Like this 1970's style angel -- it's not a candle holder, just a figurine.  And some little kitschy decorations:
 a tiny angel orchestra...
and this little plastic house with decorated wooden angels in front -- it's probably from the 70's, too. Some of them have already ended up in my Etsy shop.  It's a lot of fun to have my little shop open again.

No luck on the job hunt, so far.  It's given me some time to relax and play with the kittens, and regroup.  I have taken a part time job at a retail store right here in my little town, so I don't have to drive all the way into the city. The commute is WONDERFUL -- literally 5 minutes.  The job helps to keep me busy and put food on the table!  But, it will surely be a lean Christmas this year.
Today we managed to get our tree up and lit.  We won't be putting out the usual, breakable and precious decorations due to the kittens!  Simon and Garfunkel are a real home wrecking crew.  They don't mean to be, but they still are! 

How about you?  Have you started your Christmas preparations yet?

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Marrianna said...

Love the treasures you found at the thrift shop. I hadn't thought about that spot for Christmas odds and ends. Maybe tomorrow when I go out for physical therapy and some meetings and lunch. I'll try our Goodwill bins since the store is close to home. Saver's has higher prices so I don't go there. The regular Goodwill store might have some.

The most I've gotten done so far for Christmas is "thinking" about what I want to do. I have a pre-lit white small tree that I can put up. I have a few ornaments that I plan to hang from ribbons over the curtain rods and spruce up the windows. I saw the idea on a blog last week. I have a bunch of sari silk ribbon that I can use.

I'm glad about your p/t job close to home. I know something perfect will pop up soon when all the dust and pine needles settle after Christmas. I'm glad you get time to rest. Ben looks more and more like his dad in every photo you post. Glad he came home for Thanksgiving.

Some of my best gifts that I've given ever are baked goods. And when I receive them, I am always thrilled. I don't like to cook at all anymore but I used to make fantastic banana nut bread and give as gifts.

Take care of you,
Flagstaff - slight dusting of snow but icy streets today after last night's snow