Catching up

There has been some fun and relaxation, much of it vintage style, this summer; I just haven't taken the time to write about it with all else going on.  So, now for some catching up:
Ben moved back up to UNC for his sophmore year a couple of weeks ago.  This time he did it on his own -- but we did take up a carload for him.
He's in a different dormitory this year, but with friends from childhood: a guy he was in Cub Scouts with and a guy who used to be a neighbor down the street.  The guy with the beard isn't a roommate, but also attends the school and is a longtime friend.
His sweet girlfriend is also attending the same school this year.
I bought some wonderful vintage sewing notions from a friend who sells on eBay, Linda -- don't you love this little hosiery repair kit?
Of course, it included buttons...
and this unique package of trim.  I love stuff like this!

The staff photographer took us out on property to take some head shots of my coworkers, so I took along my camera and got some pretty photos of The Broadmoor, too:

My buddy and I attended an indoor/outdoor market called Vintage Market Days, and we were very impressed!  Part of it took place in an actual, very large barn.
 There was a definite western theme.

Look at those cute strung lights, with bed springs as diffusers, and accented with lace.  I also some some great lighted banners made from scraps tied on to strings of lights!
I really wanted those chrome arrows, but they were out of my price range!

Lovely vignette.
Halloween is coming!
I loved this hot pink mannequin dressed in sequins and fencing gear!

I brought home a pair of artisan earrings made from fountain pen nibs (not shown), and this wonderful silver plated napkin ring with a sweet bird decoration!  I just love it.  It was a very hot, dusty day but I so needed a getaway, and had a lot of fun.
On another day, Dennis and I went to an Air Force Falcons football game and did a little late morning tailgating.  That Beehive in my hand is my newest, favorite beer -- brewed locally.  Don't judge me -- it was 5:00 somewhere!
It was another very lovely day for the game; we won against Abilene Christian, too!
And, I made a trip to the State Fair in Pueblo and enjoyed the Creative Arts on display:
However, the real reason for our visit to the Fair was to see Huey Lewis and the News in concert!  I am a fan from long ago, having seen the band at least 4 times before when I was young and in my 20's.  Before the concert, I looked up the first time in a scrapbook:
On that page, clockwise: a flyer for the free concert, an up close photo I took of Huey Lewis, the song list that I took off of the speakers on stage and asked Huey Lewis and his then-guitarist, Chris Hayes, to sign, and a balloon from the event.
Not a great photo -- but you get the idea!  The concert was AWESOME!  To quote Huey, the heart of rock and roll is still beating.
We went with friends and we all had a rocking good time.  It really cheered me up -- and you know that has been much-needed.
Who is this white and orange kitten with Paul Simon, you ask?  Can you guess?  More later!


Linda said…
Gosh darn - sure do wish I lived nearby. Looks like you had loads of fun. Love country fairs/exhibitions and concerts (in my case it was Rod Stewart <3 <3).

...and my guess is that it is Paul Simon's adopted brother.

ps: Love your smile!
Marrianna said…
Love those barns filled with gorgeous treasures. The tutu was wonderful at the fair in Pueblo. And I'm guessing your family has another new member.
Kathy said…
Wow, you have had an adventure filled summer. Loved reading the recap and congrats on the new kitty!
jeanniemc said…
What a great post today! Loved that country fair and the pictures of the Broadmoor--looks like a beautiful place!
You've been a busy woman! A new kitty? Oh, the laughs you'll have from those two!

We saw Huey Lewis & The News back in the mid-80s. I took binoculars - mostly so I could stare at his cute butt!
: )

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