Monday, February 8, 2016

Vintage Dragonfly's Valentine Swap

I was excited to get in on this Valentine swap; we were to create a ribbon doll, decorate a box to put her in, add a card/tag/atc, and mail it off with little gifts.  For this swap, I was paired with someone I've never "met" online before, Kathie, which is always interesting and different because you are not quite sure what their style is.  Happily, we both love vintage, and the theme of the swap was "romantic", so I looked for inspiration from among all my romantic supplies, and came up with this:

The ribbon doll -- I used the photo of Winifred Barnes, that beauty from the 1920's who has been my muse lately, and gave her a ribbon skirt.
She dangles a paper heart from a ribbon in front of her with the word, smitten.
Along with ribbons and laces, I used frayed pieces of some of my favorite vintage fabrics, and a few new fabrics, too -- all in neutral tones and various shades of pink.
back view
I sewed the strips of fabric together onto pink tulle and wrapped it around the paper "body" to give it fullness and movement.
My favorite bit is the panel of lace sewn onto sheer pink fabric; it was once a boudoir lampshade and I especially love the little bling on the lace flower!
I made two other ribbon dolls, trying different things, before I figured out just how I wanted this one to look.  You know you've done your best when it hurts a little to give your creation away -- and, even though you know that I'm not a doll lover, I fell in love with this one!

The box -- I bought a new heart-shaped candy box to decorate (my husband helpfully ate all the chocolate for me!)  It took me days to come up with a composition I was happy with for the cover; while I was debating it, I covered the box bottom and insides.
 the bottom -- pink peony paper
 inside bottom -- I lined it with an antique German rice paper napkin and then decorated the sides with washi tape
 the inside of the lid -- more Made in US Zone German paper, this time a place mat, with a red heart doily
and a precious Dresden cupid sticker!
For the cover, I decided on a  collage with a pink and red theme; double doilies over pretty scrapbook paper, an antique valentine on the left...
with paper flowers springing to life from the postcard; and a pretty lady Rose from one of Hope Kearney's collage sheets...
with a sheer plastic Sweet Heart sign, adhered with pretty washi tapes.
All along the edges, a fabulous arrow-patterned grosgrain ribbon.

The card -- I wanted to go with reds for the card, and I used a favorite photo of three women dressed up for gallivanting:
I placed the photo over a print of a map decorated with roses.  A tiny envelope embellishment and some doodles were all I added besides the phrase, Take me out tonight.

The gifts -- 
 I assembled some romantic, valentine-y embellishments and put them in a vintage box I decorated with paper and a shiny heart lock;
nestled in more of that German paper.
I also put together some old linens, and one new flower ribbon...
prettily packaged!
 I included some chocolate -- because it's a Valentine!
 And finally, I wrapped up a journal I'd created weeks ago, with a winter theme:
snow outside was such a factor in my days spent creating this swap that I just had to include this snowball-throwing lady in the package!

Swaps are such fun, aren't they?  I really put my heart into this one -- and I hope Kathie loves it!


Christina Paul said...

What beautiful creations! Love all the little romantic details- the ribbon doll is so lovely!

JoAnne said...

Of course Kathie will love it! It's a gorgeous, lovingly made swap. Hope you'll share some pics in the group also Laurie.

Claudia said...

I am sure Kathie will love it, I know I do!!! Can't wait to see yours! Happy Valentine's Day!

Something Special said...

Hi Laurie, so good to visit you hear. I was so excited to get back into the swap thing again. I am sure your partner loved her Valentines from you very much. I was JoAnne's partner this time and enjoyed creating the ribbon doll. I love all your creations here and loved coming back to your blog. Hugs

Amy B said...

Your partner will be thrilled! Winifred Barnes is a most lovely ribbon doll. I am new to this swap group, but I participated too and used an Edwardian beauty, Lily Elsie, as my ribbon doll muse. I'll post pictures after my partner receives her package. Your box is just beautiful inside and out...LOVE that peony paper and the pink flowers with "heart" stamens. What a great design. Your heart shows in the love you put into the swap! - Amy Bauer

Pallas said...

Really beautiful and creative Laurie - now, if I could somehow get this package redirected to my mailbox....

jeanniemc said...

What an awesome swap! The ribbon doll is gorgeous and the box itself was stunning! Cannot wait to see the doll you get! Love it all!

Curtains in My Tree said...

Oh I really admire the lovely ribbon doll
I have items on my table in the studio to put one together for me
Your swap partner should be over the moon thrilled with her box of treasures made by you

Tamara said...

it's all so gorgeous! Your ribbon doll is beautiful! I'm happy to have found your blog..

Tamara <3

Kathy said...

Oh, she is going to adore it! Your creativity astounds me!!