Saturday, November 7, 2015

Autumn Colors Wall Hanging Quilt

At it again.  This time, I started with another little quilt/sampler I pieced back in May; I blogged about it here.  It was a collage-like mix of similar-toned fabrics.  It only took a couple of hours to go from this:
to this; now, it's finished!
I love that it's kind of curvy and wonky--not all straight lines and corners.
I loved the print of the cars, but not the words so much, so I covered one line up with a strip of ribbon trim...
laced through an old, early plastic buckle.
Do you see the painted wooden button in the upper right corner?
The detail of the orange bordered doily is with the millinery flower sewn on it is probably my favorite detail.
I also really like the rectangular crocheted doily insert topped with the blue and orange buttons.  Isn't it surprising how well the orange and blue go together?

I had fun layering this part: the fabric under the doily, the fabric point over the doily, and the leaf-shaped embellishment on top of the doily.
Another very satisfying little project!  What's on your worktable?


suziqu's thread works said...

A lovely Autumnal piece of stitched art.
You have really enjoyed creating this. So sweet!
Have a lovely Sunday,

Janet Ghio said...

Very fun-I love looking at all the little bits you've put together!

Claudia said...

Another beautiful piece!

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

Curvy and wonky is good! My favorite part is the belt buckle. Very creative!!

Linda said...

Love those colours. My favourite item in this piece is the orange/purple yo-yo down along the bottom left corner. I keep trying to do a coverlet of yo-yo's, but they always seem to get the better of me. For some reason the unusual orange and blue combo looks really good together.

Marrianna said...

Love the wonky and colorful mini wall quilt. I think you did a GREAT job. Where are you going to hang it? I'm thinking that I need to start taking photos of my finished projects where they are hanging in my home. Of course, that assumes I'll actually finish some projects. And I will. I'm getting my living room painted in the next few weeks and it will look WAY different. I guess I best take photos of the BEFORE so I can show the AFTER. Stay tuned.

Thanks so much for posting your artwork. I really appreciate it.


Kathy said...

well done!! You make all that stitching sound so easy and I know it is not!