Sunday, November 22, 2015

Turkey day is coming

It's almost turkey day -- are you ready for it?  As of yesterday, we are: we picked up the bird and all the fixings on a crowded Saturday at the markets.  As I walked around the grocery store and noticed what was in everyone's cart, I thought it was interesting just how traditional the American Thanksgiving meal is.  We were all buying much the same stuff!
I am SO LOOKING FORWARD to my son coming home for the holiday!  Although he's just 3 hours away, he has not been home since he left for school in August and I can't wait to be under the same roof with him!
We had a BLIZZARD last week.  Oh, it was painful.  Normally I love the snow but this storm was somehow so rough -- it was cold and inconvenient and icy and desolate, and instead of enjoying the change I felt like a fish out of water.  The dreariness may have had something to do with the mood in the world after the bad news from Paris.
A tag I made out of frustration last week
Now that the first storm of the season is behind us I hope to be able to fall back in love with the winter wonderland the next time it hits.
And, we will probably get our first chance to do that on Thanksgiving Day -- snow in the forecast!
That sampler I made is decorating a corner of our console now -- I am more in love with it than ever!
At The Broadmoor they have been putting lights up for weeks now, and Christmas decorating is underway!  I can't wait to see it when it's all in place.  The photo above is of the Christmas House, a small house down the street from where I work that is COMPLETELY decorated in sparkling Christmas decor.  Every room has a different, Christmas-y theme with trees galore and everything for sale. I visited it on my lunch hour the other day and was enchanted.
Rebecca and I stopped at a favorite store last weekend (after striking out at the local craft fair) and I snapped a couple of photos of all the Christmas inspiration for you!
Are you swooning yet?  As much as I am looking forward to Thanksgiving I am chomping at the bit to jump into the Christmas season, too!
Over a few evenings last week I got out the last of my printed-on-muslin Christmas images that I bought from The Little Pink Studio last year, and stitched them on to Christmas fabrics and/or burlap.
I plan to make (what else?) a Christmas fabric book for myself.  Last year I made several and wished I could have kept one for me!
On this one (above) I tried for the very first time to free-stitch on my sewing machine around the image.  It's not too bad for a first attempt -- but I do plan to cover some of the wonky parts up with other embellishments!  
 I may decided to make one little book of just the woodland/deer pictures.
Last night I got out some of my Christmas stash and picked out some trims and pieces to begin to embellish these pages!
Besides one swap I'm doing, this is the only Christmas crafting I believe I will have time to do this year.  Which is perfectly okay with me -- I have so many beautiful Christmas things to enjoy, and even some not-finished-projects from last year to work with!
Like this...
and these, which may all end up as part of the aforementioned fabric book.  I can hardly wait!
I decorated a little paper book in a winter/Christmas theme the other day, just for fun.  I love the lushness of the velvet bow, and the way the little mitten picks up the blue in her hat.
This orange depression glass basket used to belong to my grandmother.  I filled it with potpourri and put it out this year, and I'm glad I did.  It reminds me of her.  To all my American friends, I wish you a beautiful holiday week!


Pallas said...

Laurie, Your Thanksgiving decorations are pretty, and your grandmother's glass basket is perfect for the Thanksgiving holiday. The fabric collages from the Christmas prints will make a great book - be sure to share more pics as you work on it. All your photos are very inspirational, and just what I need to get creative. Happy Thanksgiving Laurie.

Kathy said...

Laurie, I adore all your crafty eye candy!!

Linda said...

I can picture loads of those mittens (my favourite is the the middle with the flowered wreath) pegged to a ribbon and used as a banner decorating a fireplace, a Christmas tree or even used as a present decoration :)

The Junque Seeker said...

So many fun creations and treasures! Wishing you and your guys a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Marrianna said...

I would love to see photos of that darling Christmas house that your work decorates. I bet it is fantastic. And speaking of the bitter cold of the storm last week - we had it last Monday and it was darn cold. It reminded me of the cold and damp winter weather in Maryland when I visited several years ago. I never knew how much difference the dry weather makes when it snows. I love the snow here in Flagstaff and we seldom have the bitter cold weather that is damp. It is very dry here in the high country. We don't get as much snow as you but we get enough to make things interesting most winters.

Love your decorations and the little mittens. I'm going to look at them more closely and maybe make some myself.

jeanniemc said...

Loved your sampler underneath the bouquet of flowers! So pretty..Can't wait to see your Christmas book...Loved it all!