Winter white wall hanging quilt

This project  began last year, when I had an urge to create something for winter in whites and non-traditional Christmas colors.  I was inspired by the cool tones of blue and pink, plus some wonderful textile pieces I'd received from friends.  I chose some printed muslin scenes of old fashioned winter moments and laid them out this white barkcloth decorated with roses that I've been hoarding for years now.
Last year I created the four "squares", sewed them to the fabric and began to embellish it.  But at some point I became tired of it, and then put it away.  It looked like this at that point:
So, the other day I was restless after work and I pulled it out and got re-inspired.  I went through my newly organized embellishments -- fabric, lace, millinery flowers, trims and buttons -- and made a pile.  It was so much fun!  And, can I gush again about how much easier it is to be creative when your things are all in their proper place?  From that point, I was able to finish it very quickly.
I think my favorite part of the quilt is this soft white, silver and pink section.  I sewed the angel image onto a pretty, old doily with blue-ish, lavender crocheted trim around it.  The doily sits over piece of a white and silver handkerchief, and all of it is over a piece of sheer white fabric.  One side is adorned with part of a pink doily.
I wanted to accent more of the pink, so I finished it by sewing bright pink beads over the flowers on the branch on the base fabric.
Below it is where I really got going with this cool toned shade of blue.  The base is a vintage silk man's tie...
I edged it with trim and laces, and filled in the bare spots with delicate fabric flowers in beige.  The winter scene of a man and woman walking in the snowy woods is stitched over lace and decorated with more trim.
That fabulous blue button is made of celluloid and is quite old.  I love it's chunkiness, and the embossed flowers on it.  That blue/grey/red edged ribbon is special to me because it came from French General!
 This quilt was an especially great "bed" on which to "plant" millinery flowers!
and new!
The base of this square is another lovely piece of wintry bark cloth gifted by a friend; the muslin print is of a woman in soft blue carrying a holly branch.  I edged her with more greenish-blue hued trim and a clear, lavender button.  I started building around it all with laces; the final touch was some silver gimp and old embroidered flower trim.
I also used some fabulous old tinsel running down one side, and ending in a heart shape.

The final square is a mix of neutral fabrics and lots of texture, with a little bit of blue thrown in to balance it with the rest of the quilt.
The muslin image I used on this square shows two women walking together on a cold winter's day.  They are cozy in their coats and hats.  I edged the square on one side with a favorite gathered fabric, and on the other with a sheer lacy embellishment; under all of that is a lovely vintage square cut from an embroidered tablecloth.
I was given this BEAUTIFUL piece of beaded fabric and wanted to do something special with it -- so it became the topper of this design.  I think the lush beading echoes the women's warm winter clothes.  And, did you notice the sparkly plastic and paste-embedded button?

The final touch was edging the entire quilt with this vintage white trim.
I'm satisfied with this little work of art for so many reasons:
first, because it feels great to finish an unfinished project; second, because it contains so many elements I love and have been saving for something special; and third because of the way the pink "pops" on it!  I love that it's Christmas-y, but not too -- so I can keep it up after the holidays!  I hope this INSPIRES you to get out some of your lovely things and start to stitch!


Very pretty! I love everything you used, and you're the best at combining things into a pleasing design.
Linda said…
I think pieces like this would look absolutely marvelous done up as "special" pillows. They all have a story woven into them..... Laurie you certainly are an inspiration.
p.s. Surprising what a little organizing can do, eh???
Claudia said…
This piece is so beautiful! Hope your husband finds a job soon!
Kathy said…
Laurie, you are SO talented at this. It is gorgeous!
How beautiful, Laurie! I have most of my doodads and supplies well organized, but my problem lies with my "put-it-away-for-now" drawer: I don't ever seem to find the inspiration to reOPEN it to see if there's something in it that I might want to finish. It's full enough at this point that I'm starting to feel guilty, but alas, NOT creative.

Maybe that just means it's not time to finish them...?

I love each little holiday scene that you chose to embellish- vintage illustrations are starting to catch my eye more and more these days!

Unknown said…
Beautiful indeed...
Pallas said…
I love this fabric collage, and the details are beautiful. (I first saw it on Pinterest.)

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