Sunday, October 4, 2015

Fun and family reunited

I had a chance to return to the Horseshoe Market in Denver yesterday, for the first time in a few years!  It is an Indie Craft vintage market that takes place near a park in North Denver.  In the years since I was last there, it has it grown -- so happy to see that!  Dennis came with me because we were off to see Ben afterwards.
Fall has arrived here, so it was a cloudy day but the sun did peek out from time to time as we walked around and visited the booths.
Besides booths, there were some mobile shops and food trucks, too.
Lots of jewelry, art, textiles, and antiques.  There were lots of city people with their dogs and baby carriages in this young and hip neighborhood.  I came home with some craft supplies and greeting cards.
This is my friend Amy's booth, full of vintage Halloween fun!
(That's her, above, laughing with a customer!)
At lunchtime, we decided to try some of the food truck fare...above, The Elvis: a grilled peanut butter, nutella, banana, honey and BACON sandwich!  It was DELICIOUS -- from the purple food truck Hey PB&J.  Wow.
Of course, the best part of the day was after the market, when we drove another hour north and visited Ben at his university.  It was so good to see him!
We visited and had dinner...
got caught up, heard lots of stories, and laughed.  He seems to be doing very well.
Seeing him again did this mom's heart GOOD.
How was your weekend?


Kathy said...

Sounds like a wonderful day and so happy you got to hang with Ben for a while!!

Junque Seeker said...

Aww! So glad you got to spend some time with Ben, AND enjoy a nice fall outing with Dennis.

Kathy Bremer said...

Laurie and Dennis, Ben looks so great. It's as if he has aged overnight. Glad you got to spend time with him and catch up. Kathy

Marrianna said...

Ben looks more grown up than before he left for college. I love the photos of the vintage handmade market. Our markets in Flagstaff are arts and completed crafts only - never supplies to make artwork. There was one show during the holidays last year that wasn't juried so if I wanted to and could talk my BFF into it, we could experiment. I don't know what we will do. We are having a garage sale this Saturday but will not be selling supplies. We're saving them for a specific market - don't have that chosen yet.

Hugs and blessings

Kelli Davidson said...

I am so pleased you were able to see the boy! It looks like everyone was happy to see each other - I know YOU felt better, bless your heart. He was probably glad to have a meal out where he didn't have to watch his pennies. :) I'm sure he'll be glad for Thanksgiving so he can have some of mom's cooking too!

Linda said...

I love the neat markets you visit...loads of "stuff" to be found. And the food trucks just add to the enjoyment, although with an "Elvis" lunch don't know if I'd have room for dinner. You look absolutely thrilled and happy to see Ben. Cheers.

Abby / Linda said...

Glad you got to see your son and it was a happy time! My daughter is driving down--tonight--to my granddaughter's school (nearly two hours away), because her computer died and they are taking her a new one! Scheech!