Mysterious and spooky...

Mysterious and spooky?  Not so much at my house.  I didn't used to decorate much for Halloween, but over the last few years I have collected some fun stuff.  I think you've seen it all before, but I did try to mix it up a bit this year.
For example, I hung the Autumn banner over a coffee filter flower wreath, on a picket fence.
The tags I made, and some that I got in a swap a few years ago, are resting in this pottery holder with three owls.
My Puss in Boots black cat stands among some wire-y, texture-ful items like owls and pumpkins.
Including these teeny tiny wire brush trees dyed in Halloween colors!

Halloween in low color.

I also got out the Halloween card "album" I made last year and I love it just as well as I did when I first made it!
It's full of Halloween family memories from over the years; you can read about it and see more here.
This one always makes me giggle: Lady Wanted.
What we want around here, now, is a job for my husband.  Two weeks ago he was laid off unceremoniously, along with 19 other people at his company.  It was a complete (and awful) surprise.  He's keeping his chin up but we are both nervous, and I especially am dreading heading into the holiday season with him unemployed.  Makes me want to cry.  I'm so thankful to be working, and also that we switched over to my company's health benefits last month when we became eligible.


Linda said…
Hi Laurie....chin-up girl. Remember the things both of you do have ~ a job for you that you love (including health benefits) and a son to cheer you up with his visits :)

No matter how many times I check out your artwork I always find something to make me smile. I love Hallowe'en because it's the one holiday that I can pretend to be whomever I wish (well at least in my mind).

So, chin-up and know that your family is in my thoughts with good happenings to come your way.
Abby / Linda said…
Oh, so sorry to hear about hubby's job, er . . . lack of one! Hope he finds another one pronto! We went thru this a few years ago, if you remember, and he still is underemployed! I pray that this does not happen to your hubby!!!

Hi Lauri

This to shall past
I'm sure your talented husband will find a new job or self employed job very soon.
I know how scary it is, because I went through it a few years ago when companies were down sizing
I was going to ask you if you feel better now about your son being gone to college? hope so


Kathy said…
Oh dear, so sorry for the life change! We went through that once and no fun at all!! Love your decorating and bravo to you for doing it. I barely manage to decorate for the seasons at ALL.
JoAnne said…
Hi Laurie, Never tire of seeing your Halloween and autumn decor. So happy that you still display the altered matchbox with the doll head from our swap! Prayers for your family. xo

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