The Old North End community sale

I live near Colorado Springs, and there is a part of town filled with old Victorians that they call The Old North End.
As the name implies, it used to be the northernmost part of town (but not anymore.)  The streets have old growth trees and it's close to "downtown", which gives it a very antique "vibe".
Each year they have a community sale, and for the first time last month, I was in town for it and able to go!  Above, Kathy's booth set up on her front lawn.
So many fabulous goodies!  I love Kathy's displays -- she is a talented merchandiser with her things.
I had to take a few photos of this amazing Mason's costume she had for sale; it's covered up because it was sprinkling that day.
Here's the hat that goes with it -- including a wig!
 And some close-ups of the sleeve with metal gimp, lace, and wonderful buttons!
Kathy always finds the best stuff, and sells some of it on Etsy!


Kathy said…
What a beautiful old house! It always surprises me when I remember that MEN once wore ruffles and lace.
This looks like my kind of place to shop. What a lovely neighborhood!
Marrianna said…
Oh, be still my heart! Lovely old home and such a treat to attend their community sale. The photos you shared are excellent and give a true feeling of the event. I hope you found something wonderful for yourself in the treasure hunt. We don't have anything like that in Flagstaff and it's probably a good thing. I need nothing but when has that ever stopped me?
Junque Seeker said…
How much fun! What did you buy?

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