Into July with phone photos

Lately I look at the calendar and think, How is it possible it's already (today's date)?
We're squeezing in summer fun wherever possible -- and capturing it wherever possible!
 Maggie and Snoopy cool off
 These are all phone photos -- and I'm thankful for to have them!  What did we ever do before phone photos?

S'mores cupcakes via Real Simple
Our impromptu 23rd anniversary celebration night, above; sometimes, the best times are the unplanned ones, right?

Ben (exact middle of the above photo in the hat) is off to another high adventure camp; this time: Philmont, in New Mexico; he's been gone about 12 hours and I miss him already
 This summer, more than ever, I'm learning to grab the fun wherever I can squeeze it in...

for it's always over too soon!


Lisa said…
Sounds like our house with younger little ma. Camp after camp until the end of the month that is over night for 5 days.your s'mores look yummy! Happy Anniversity!
I love that top photo! Your dog looks so happy! Hope you're having a great summer. My boys (hopefully!) go off to camp soon too, depending on what happens with the situation here :(
Kathy said…
Oh, and by the looks of it you are doing a stellar job of grabbing the fun. Looks like you are having a great Summer and thank you for sharing the photos. Smores cupcakes - who knew!
Abby / Linda said…
Looks like a good summer! Hope I get to get out a few times too!!!
It looks like you've been enjoying every moment of the summer so far. I wish it would cool off around here so we could enjoy the great outdoors. Thanks for sharing your adventures.

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