2 down, 48 to go

There is power in accountability: after my blogging confession last week that I haven't made any progress on my goal to write 50 works before next year, I got busy and did numbers 1 and 2! Neither is available for sharing, unfortunately, but let me tell you -- they were heartfelt!
'Read any good books lately?  I decided last month to re-read Stephen King's The Shining, in anticipation of the sequel being released.  When I finished that I began Dr. Sleep.  It's classic Stephen King.  And I have learned that I've outgrown Stephen King's writing.  Still -- when I lie in bed and open Dr. Sleep, it brings back happy memories of teen age summer days and books that are predictable in a good way, so I am satisfied.
I've been doing a lot of paper art lately but I can't really share because they are swaps and I don't want to spoil the surprise.  Here's just a sneak peek of a swap I sent off last week to England.
Working on these sure has put me in the mood for Christmas creating!
Yeah, yeah...I know...


Kelli Davidson said…
I'm with you - it's too early for Christmas!!
JoJo said…
There's a sequel to the Shining coming out? A book by King or a movie?
I know every year we rush Christmas even the stores before Halloween they already has Christmas decor out
I am going to eat Turkey before I post any Christmas except for my santos doll
I read the book of iris Apfel I love how she dresses she is in her 90's and looks fabulous because of her style
I need to get busy with some cards I'm making for friends
Kathy said…
Congratulations on 2 down - yea!!
Lisa said…
2 does lead to more! The word will flow as you keep writing your paper project looks lovely! I love that button!
I used to devour each King novel when they hit paperback and sometimes even splurged on hardcovers when I just couldn't wait. But it has been years and years since I have read one. I am also tempted by a Shining sequel.... That book was certainly one of his best, and it would be like visiting an old friend.

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