A Pink Sunday

I'm getting very excited about going to see one of my favorite artists, Pink, in Denver next month! In fact, I'm counting down.
I don't go to a lot of concerts anymore simply because I can't afford to.  But Pink is one I'll make an effort to see.  She infuses her work with emotion and I love that tell-it-like-it-is quality of her lyrics.
I made this collage today with her song Blow Me (One Last Kiss) on my mind...and on the iPod, on repeat.
I thought you might like to see how it started out (above.)  It was looking too cutesie for me (or for my gal Pink, I'm sure) so I tore it up/deconstructed.
I liked the bottom so I left it...
and added some vintage imagery on the top half.  I threw on some of the lines from the song and Pink's name in rub-ons, along with some clock faces, paint and lots and lots of layers of paper.
It was a way to blow off steam, and it was a little celebration at my dining room table this afternoon: a Pink Sunday. I'll leave you with the song:


Sami said…
Pink is also one of my favourite singers. She has such energy and spunk!
I was sorry I didn't manage to get a ticket to her concert when she was in Perth last month, but her concert was sold out in a couple of minutes, so for those unable to be near a computer when they went on sale missed out!
andrea creates said…
looks great!
have fun at the concert :)
JoJo said…
I love the collage!!! Have a great time at her concert.
Kathy said…
There is nothing like creative time to unwind and relax!
Maggie said…
Hey there, Laurie! It's fun to read your post and listen to Pink! LOVE HER and always crank her cds when I'm driving over to the coast by myself and i sing along at the top of my lungs...it's one of my favorite things to do! How great that you get to see her in concert. Hope she does all that cool aerial stuff. Love her...So tough and tender all at once.

Your collage is fantastic. How great to spend your Sunday lost in your creative muse. I need to do more of that :-)

Take care!
Linda Sue said…
Only Pink can make having a shit day sound great! I would have a shit day with her anytime! Love the collage you have created! Very cool! Life, I reckon, is not about 'affording it", it's about just do it and eat beans for dinner! Have a great time, wish I was with you! LOVE!

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