Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Valentine Central

last week's tag construction, for the tag swap
It has been Valentine Central over here for the last few days!  The Valentine swaps have been pouring in, and my son is green with envy because every package that comes to the door is for me, not him!
I've been working hard to get the swaps back out the door almost as quickly as they came in!  Some of the boxes needed to have their markings covered, so I wrapped them in vintage paper for added fun.
I am so appreciative of the extra goodies included in some of the boxes for me, too!  I can't wait to show you everything, as soon as the swaps are received by the recipients so as not to spoil the surprise!


Kathy said...

Your packages look extra special. I love that extra touch!

pam said...

I felt so awful for the crummy box I had to send mine in. I have taken "wrapped" packages to the PO lots of times. For some reason this time the woman I got refused to let me mail it wrapped! Then she wouldn't let me use any tape! Luckily I managed to get her to let me use the scissors and a pen, and the box underneath was o.k. for her! But hey it was whats on the inside that mattered right?

miss lynn said...

thanks, laurie,
for hosting this
sweet swap! can't
wait to see all the

Lorraine said...

Looks like you've been having lots of fun with this. Such pretty packages!

Jingle said...

Oh, such wonderful pretties!!!!