Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Download, design, create, undecorate, exterminate


I just wanted to have a chance to show you the Dalek my son decoupaged onto a canvas, using the method I've been using for my art collages:
Cute, huh?  If you're unfamiliar with Daleks, they are the antagonists on the BBC series Dr. Who.
Adorable Jello mold ornament by Tami
Today we are expecting snow, so I thought I'd spend the day finally taking down my Christmas decorations.  Yes, they're still up, and I'm not even tired of them yet!  But, it's time.
Here's my latest creation (above.)  I wanted to make another tea cup fairy style decoration; for this one, I had to fashion a "skirt" from rebar.  Don't laugh -- it's my first try at this!
Then, I glued a small tea cup, with a tiny cup on top of that, to create a "body", finishing it off with a porcelain doll head.  Next, I get to embellish her and hang stuff on her "skirt"; I hope it turns out okay!  (Look at her face; she doesn't look convinced!)
I designed a casemate (cover) for my iPhone, on Zazzle.  It's so easy: you just upload your photos or images to the site, layer and put it together as you like, and then they will create it for you!  I uploaded a few different images for a few different designs, and others can purchase them from Zazzle with a kickback to me of course.  Since all my designs are Jane Austen themes, I called my Zazzle shop "Indulge Your Bookshelf".  (Smirk!)  You can see all of these over there in an ad in my right sidebar.  I totally recommend playing with designing your own stuff on Zazzle or other shops like that online; I've had a Cafepress shop for years and things I've designed six years ago still sell once in a while!
My Christmas cactus this year
Don't Forget: Friends, it's a good time of the year to think about downloading and sorting your 2011 photos!  Those of us who blog are constantly downloading photos, I know, but some of you might otherwise procrastinate.  Don't!  I will never forget last year talking to a woman at a shop who was in tears because her camera had been stolen, containing all of her photos from months past.  Including her son's graduation photos -- lost forever.  Don't delay safekeeping those precious memories!  And back them up, too -- along with all your other important computer files.  Now's the time!


pam said...

Backup! That is what I need to do! We have a hard drive from years ago that my husband downloaded all our honeymoon and New Orleans trip on and then it crashed! He says he can get them out, but I have yet to see it! So sad. I even started saving my memory cards because they are so cheap now, I just have a case for them. Dr.Who collage is great! Getting the kids involved is so hard sometimes, but find something they are in-to and Waa-Laa! I'm afraid if I get into Zazzle I'll never leave the computer!

Wendy said...

Your son's collage is really neat! And I just love your fairy girl! I really need to make one of these for my middle daughter.....

khess136 said...

So happy to know that I'm not the only one out there still taking down Christmas!! And I'm not tired of it either!!
Laurie, I just love your darling girl...the wire, teacups, everything so charming...can't wait to see the finished creation!
Have a beautiful day

Linda Sue said...

Loving the collage- Goofy Dr. Who!
Thanks for the reminder to backup!