A Valentine's Day Swap!

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Can I interest anyone in a Valentine's Day Swap?

What we're swapping: Four (4) small handmade Valentine's Day themed ornaments, at least 1" but no bigger than 3", plus one handmade Valentine card!  You'll receive one card back, and four different ornaments.

When: Due in the mail to me by Friday, January 27 -- no exceptions!  If you think there is a chance you won't be able to meet this deadline, please sit this one out.

Who can join in: Followers of this blog and their friends by recommendation

What is a small, handmade Valentine's Day themed ornament?  Think a small bauble that can hang from a tree branch; perhaps it began life as something else and you embellished it by hand, or, you made it completely by hand from fabric, wood, clay, heavy paper, etc.  Valentine's themes can be hearts (of course), flowers, x's and o's, pinks, reds, and/or anything else that means romance to you!  All four ornaments can be the same, as they are each going to a different person!

Some examples of heart-shaped Valentine creativity from my Pinterest Valentine's Board:
by GraceG2
by Linda Albrecht via Allyscraps
my own creation
Should I write on my one card?  Yes -- the Valentine is a card that you're giving to another swapper as a greeting for the day.

Here's how to participate:
  1. Email me to let me know you'd like to join, with your name and mailing address to: indulgeyourshelf ATT gmail DOTT com
  2. I will email you back promptly and give you two things - my address (so you can send me your four ornaments and your one Valentine) and my PayPal email (so you can send me $3 to cover the cost of shipping back your Valentine package if you're in the US; if you're outside of the US please send $5.) If you don't have a PayPal account, let me know and we'll make other arrangements.
  3. As soon as you sign up, go ahead and get started creating!
  4. Please be sure to have your swaps in the mail to me no later than January 27.  Four ornaments, and one card.
  5. I will then send you four different ornaments and one Valentine no later than January 30.
  6. I'll post photos of all the beautiful swaps on this blog!
If you have a blog, feel free to put this button on it:

'Sound like fun?  I hope so!


Melissa said…
Hi Laurie-
Count me in! I've already got my items picked out, though I am not really good at making cards so that part should be interesting. :) I'm e-mailing you now.
I'd love to, but can't commit to it quite yet... I need to get caught up on some things. Sounds lovely, though!
Hooray! I'd LOVE to participate this year! I'll have to think of something on the smallish side, since I tend to craft on the largish side.


Wendy said…
Hi Laurie, I am all set to go and already have a great idea for the ornaments. This is going to be so much fun.
Lisa said…
Count me in Laurie!
Tami Hacker said…
Me too... please add me to the swap!
Beth Leintz said…
Laurie, I love your embroidered heart- actually, I like all of the examples- but that was the one that "spoke" to me.

I wish I had time to join the swap but my big girl job sucks up so much time in January.
Lorraine said…
Yes, Laurie, I would like to join your Valentine swap. My mind is spinning with which direction to go with this! Sounds like fun (if I don't get too dizzy!)!
Unknown said…
Definitely want to participate. I have all these vintage Valentines waiting to be transformed ;-) Thanks for hosting! E-mailing you now! Will make sure I glitter proof my table incase of a sneze incident again!
Oh thanks for the email, I have been away from my computer today. Thanks for letting me
know. Count me in. I would love a good valentine swap!
Tammy said…
Can I join in last minute? I would love a challenge to get a fun project done!

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