Friday, August 10, 2018

How their garden grows

When I was unemployed for 5 months this year, I began to volunteer at the local library, searching the shelves for books people at other libraries have reserved and sending them on.  I did it twice a week for a while, and then when I started working again in June I dropped one day and just do it once a week.  I just love to be in a library!
There is a gardening club in my town, and they have taken a patch of soil next to the library and created a vegetable garden and a separate flower garden.  Every week I've watched the flowers spring up and always mean to go over and photograph it.  Thursday, I finally did!
I wish you could smell these beautiful flowers!  Their fragrance hits you about 10 feet away from the garden!

These are as delicate as paper!
I love summer!💗


The Junque Seeker said...

Lovely! Thank you for sharing. I used to have most of these varieties in my back yard. When I quit gardening (thanks to an abundance of snakes in my garden) I passed along some of my plants to my neighbor. Now I get to see them out my front window and when I drive down the street - all the beauty and none of the fear or work! Not a bad deal!
: )

Linda said...

Just love those hollyhocks and they just don't seem to have them up in my corner of Canada! And don't you just really enjoy working in the library....speaking for myself, I probably wouldn't get much "work" done, lol. I started doing volunteer work with those who are homeless and less fortunate. Started this to try and fill up some of my time, since the passing of my husband 6 months ago. Laurie thank you for keeping up with this blog as it must be quite a chore to juggle so much and keep us all happy. THANK YOU!
Hugs, Linda.