Friday, August 10, 2018

How their garden grows

When I was unemployed for 5 months this year, I began to volunteer at the local library, searching the shelves for books people at other libraries have reserved and sending them on.  I did it twice a week for a while, and then when I started working again in June I dropped one day and just do it once a week.  I just love to be in a library!
There is a gardening club in my town, and they have taken a patch of soil next to the library and created a vegetable garden and a separate flower garden.  Every week I've watched the flowers spring up and always mean to go over and photograph it.  Thursday, I finally did!
I wish you could smell these beautiful flowers!  Their fragrance hits you about 10 feet away from the garden!

These are as delicate as paper!
I love summer!💗

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The Junque Seeker said...

Lovely! Thank you for sharing. I used to have most of these varieties in my back yard. When I quit gardening (thanks to an abundance of snakes in my garden) I passed along some of my plants to my neighbor. Now I get to see them out my front window and when I drive down the street - all the beauty and none of the fear or work! Not a bad deal!
: )